Should You Still Buy The OnePlus 6?

Today I am reviewing the OnePlus 6 in 2018 / 2019! The popular Chinese smartphone has been out for a few months and the 6T has come to replace it. But is it still worth it?

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25 Replies to “Should You Still Buy The OnePlus 6?”

  1. Dr. Frost

    Tests any several channels have been done on OP6/6T on water resistance, and they stand up very well. I think OP avoids the certification to keep their phones cheaper, since having that IPv__ rating would mean they need to increase the price, etc. I have heard some say it was ruined after walking in the rain (something I personally would never do), and some saying it survived a complete downpour. I am often very careful about my phone around any water, it's never out in the rain, so I don't worry about that as much.

    People often talk about wireless charging (even though they complain about how when you take it off to text someone it stops the charge, and it's much slower, and doesn't take that much more time to pull out the charger and go, than picking it up.) I don't care so much about sub-standard speakers, since I don't really use speakers, I use my earbuds and headphones, speakers have never been my thing.

    So OP does what OP does, and is delivering specific things. Like it or don't. It depends on what you like more than anything. For me, it's a perfect phone, for others it might not be quite what they want. I'm currently looking into getting a White OP6 off of Amazon, still in the box for around 540 U.S.D

  2. Ebady Yehya

    Watching this on my brand new 440$ midnight black Oneplus 6. This phone is awesome even better for me than the 6T cuz I love that it's cheaper, thinner and has a headphone jack.

    If anyone want this phone with that price I can hook you up btw.

  3. Hokou X

    nope the oneplus 6 is not worth it its better to buy a mi for only 230€ i have been using a oneplus 6 for one month
    1 the call auto recording its not a feature in oxygen os in miui its a built in feature you can create double apps

    2 the sounds sucks to much no matter if you use earphones or the speaker the sound in the mi 6 was amazing with earphone or speaker loud and clear and with earphone the diference was crazy

    3 you just dont even need root access in miui everything is built in you can lock apps to not close when cleaning ram the vibration setup in oneplus or any other stock android is too loud YES too loud in miui you can change it to 3 levels

    4 fingerprint in the front and a dual led flash not dual white flash its white and orange flash

  4. zdx197

    Good review. Agree with everything you say aside maybe from you saying the battery isn't the best. The best maybe not but I am getting near 7 hours screen-on time. I think that is impressive for a 3300mah battery? If you cannot get through the day with 7h sot it is time to lay down the phone a little more often lol.

    Ah one exception: when you game, pubg for example, or you videocall, obviously battery won't get 7h sot.. but for overall usage I'm consistently achieving that.

  5. Tony Da Realest

    Very timely video. I'm choosing between either this, the Nokia 7.1, and the upcoming Pixel 3 Lite. I have a strong suspicion that the Pixel 3 Lite will disappoint me in the price or low storage option. Nokia 7.1, if reviews are to go by, has poor performance and battery. The 1+6 seems like the best value but I'll wait it out to be sure.

  6. Ax El

    Brought the 6T instead of the 6 cause i can finance it through TMobile making it easier for me to obtain new…. Miss the headphones jack half of the time

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