44 Replies to “Sign in with Google Auth + Firebase | Android Studio Tutorial”

  1. Aterno

    bro please help when i sign out and try to sign in it automatically signs in without giving me the choice to sign into another account!

  2. Ay Kas

    Thx a lot.

    btw for anyone using the latest android studio and a newer API I noticed you have to add:

    id 'kotlin-android-extensions'

    to plugins in build.grade module

  3. Hammermeister Programa

    hey men, Great Video! But I can't run my app in a real device. I keep getting no errors, but the authentication always fail. I've put the SHA1 and the SHA256 to my fingerprints, but nothing again. I would like if you clarify me about whats going on, I'm kind of struggling..

  4. Zarif Ahsan

    I am getting a null exception and idk why. It's while I set the user name of the user and try to set in on a textView, it's showing me null exception.. can someone assist?

  5. luke cross


    In some devices, mainly Xiaomi devices after i clock on button and account, you can what is it?

  6. Everything

    I hope that you explain how to publish the data in the Kotlan address, description, photo and link, and if the description is long, it will be replaced by points. When you click on the post, the post details will appear on another page. I hope you will explain it please

  7. NaXeTons

    hello, I have a question I try to delete a firebase user, but the same one with which I am authenticated the problem is that after deleting, it I have problems when creating another one since it stores in the application the previous authentication,im look at stackoverflow and they said to re-authenticate but I would not know how to use it in case I start with Google for example could you make a video about it please or explain to me how the process would be carried out.

  8. Everything

    Excellent explanation but when you reach the minimum space your application will be stopped from receiving people because it is known that the Firebase platform gives you limited space is not it?

  9. Tony

    Hi, will you be working only in kotlin in the future or you are planing to work with java again as well. What would you recommend between those 2 languages. Btw when I see your video firstly like then I watch the video

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