Snapchat IOS Compared to Android (Including Snapchat Alpha)

We’re going to be looking at the differences between the two operating systems for mobile devices, I will be testing out Snapchat on an iPhone XS and a Samsung A3 to demonstrate the similarities between the app.

I will also be showing you the new profile screen in live action for the first time on YouTube, this is a new REdesign that Snapchat plan to implement through 2019. I wouldn’t say this update is a game-changer however the design is nice and sleek.

Like I said in the video please let us know in the comment section below what you think of the update as your opinion matters in the community. Hopefully Snapchat see these comments and take them into consideration

This is also a video on how to get the new profile screens for the Android Snapchat Alpha.

Thanks for watching guys, This is video was created by SnapThis! We appreciate the feedback and hope to hear off you guys, Always check the channel for Update and other awesome content!

Happy Snapping!

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29 Replies to “Snapchat IOS Compared to Android (Including Snapchat Alpha)”

  1. curt2g1998

    You'd need to use a Google Pixel 2 in order to get the same user experience as an iPhone. It's the only Android phone that actually uses camera as opposed to taking a screen grab from the view finder. Communicating with the actual camera, results in much higher quality pics and vids. The view finder is never a high quality on any device, which is why all other Android phones take terrible vids and pics.

  2. witcherkitten

    you’re comparing a several year old samsung phone and an iphone xr? iPhone user here, this ain’t it chief. Would love to see a new video that does the android side justice.

  3. Josue Luna

    Not sure if you talked about it on your channel but snapchat by default , on iPhone, works better because on most android phones the snapchat app doesnt use the original camera. It only takes a screenshot instead of accessing the original camera. The funny thing when it comes to android vs apple is the fact that apple has partnered up with Samsung for years so when people say apple is better ? yall get your parts from Samsung. When it comes to android vs apple it really all just depends on what you like or being told what you like .

  4. Kyah Fenty

    This Video Is Good But Still It Doesnt Make Sense Your Basically Making Apple Look Better Because You chose And Old Model Galaxy Instead Of Getting The Best They Have Thats Not Fair?

  5. Jose miguel P.R.

    You can't compare the iphone xs (2018) with the Samsung A5 (2017) it's a medium phone, starting with the possessor, the cameras don't have OIS and snapchat is not optimised for andorid phones. But good video ??

  6. Moddy

    Hmm… It makes no sense to compare Snapchat with those smartphones to me… The only things you can compare are the features yeah…
    And now many people write, ohh yeah with Snapchat Alpha you can get the same layout and look as the one of the iPhone??‍♂️ The truth is, that Snapchat Alpha had the whole layout before the iOS version got it??‍♂️

  7. TheOnlyEn

    Hey! Is it just me or is the snap laggy all over after the last update? I have iPhone XS and never been like this until the last update they rolled out. Like when i write, snapping a video and stuff. ?? Pls say its not just me

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