25 Replies to “Solve iOS 13 Update Problems”

  1. Nithin Kumar N P

    Please don’t download dr fone they are cheaters they won’t say they will charge till you download the update. The update will be around 5 gb and then after downloading you try to fix the update problem then it will ask to pay no free trail. Instead of paying to this guys go to service centre they will charges 700 INR I think they will fix the issue. This dr fone website no guarantee that they will solve this issue and the pricing is more in dollars. My iPhone 7 has update problem I have not updated from time since 11 to 14 directly. I think updating directly from 11 to 14 issue is there I think.

  2. Neelesh Bihone

    Sir plz make a video regarding ios 14.1 wifi issues , I Have recently bought iphone 11 and am facing the wifi drop problem , when I lock my iphone 11 it automatically disconnect so sir what should I do , plz help me . thanku

  3. Robert Zehner

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  4. Bhanu Prasad

    Hii sir my problem is unable to verify update iOS 13.7failed verification because you are no longer connected to the internet. But sir I try five different network then showing like this sir can u help me

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