Sonim XP8 vs Cat S61

Specification comparison of the brand new SONIM XP68 against CAT S61.
Prices are for the US Market, they can be different in other regions!

Pros & Cons of these devices.
Official Prices & Prices we like to see.
Winner by each Category.

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31 Replies to “Sonim XP8 vs Cat S61”

  1. Ricardo Charry Páez

    El Cat s61, no es contra agua, la primera vez se daño el microfono en un jacuzzi en menos de media hora y a los 8 días en 5 minutos nadando por la playa y sin sumergirme y se lleno de agua, que a diferencia de otros contra agua se apago inmediatamente.

  2. R Wilson

    The sonim is excellent at pounding nails, thats it, the phone itself is crap. I just bought one and I am regretting it big time. Phone constanly is rebooting and drops calls. So basically I bought a hammer.

  3. Conspiracy Questions

    battery sonim xp8 has better battery capacity yet same score with Cat s61??? Cat S61 is way more expensive between the two phone and yet CAT S61 is the winner???? Bias review…Thumps down

  4. Corrigan Reid

    also; the sonim is marketed as a dual sim capable device however upon speaking to the company, that is for future development, it is only capable of using ONE sim card

  5. Corrigan Reid

    a few areas where some more research would have been a good thing, 1. the battery, it is a REMOVABLE 4900MaH. 2. it does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack, however you can purchase an adapter from Sonim for this purpose. in all fairness the Sonim XP8800 is the clear winner, just not with how it is represented in this video, the XP8 holds up to be far more durable than the CAT withstanding harsher conditions, being intrinsically safe, not to mention the 3 year comprehensive warranty that covers not only defects but if you do manage to break it within the first 3 years, sonim will replace it for FREE, this is their standard warranty and comes at no additional cost.

  6. JackDanielsCHS08

    Personally i think it depends on what you need. I work as a surveyor and i also visit family overseas so for me id go with Sonim (Dual SIM AND micro SD) . Yes the cat is good but tell me how many of you would actually need the thermal & the gas meter? Ok yes the laser distance tool is nifty but thats the only daily use tool one would use.

    Sonim is IP69K rated which makes it more durable compared to the CAT.

    Plus if you do work at a job that does require the use of the gas meter you most likely have a better tool for that job. As for thermal , i see that being used more for personal every now and then use.

    Also it would've been nice to see an unboxing

    On a final note , i do like the fact that Sonim has accessories that can be purchased depending on ones needs

  7. jeremy b

    whats the warranty from cat, how long, sonim has a 3 year when rest i have seen is 1 year, also sonim has the world record on a cell phone drop and still working. no its not a full blown smart phone but a stick phone like the older Nokia ones from 2000 or so, lol aka the brick

  8. Meister Yilmaz

    The Service of Cat ist not good. I need a part for my cat s60, but Cat dont answer my mails. In the live chat they say they will send the part, but they dont do this. They lie ?

  9. The Arvin Guy

    Considering that its rare to find thermal vision goggle/scopes for under a 1000 dollars, the S61 is a steal. Alse, you forgot to mention that the S61 has a gas monitor, thing.

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