SONY A1E OLED Oreo Update Android 8.0 (Z9D, 900E, 930E, 940E, A8F, 900F)

We go over the new Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Sony A1E Oled TV.

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Review Room:

Equipment used for review:
Sony VPL-VW675Es 4K projector:
Sony 65A1E:
XPAND X105-RF-X1 3D glasses:
Integra DRC-R1:
Oppo UDP-203:
Rotel Amplification
M&K S150’s
SVS 20-39’s
Shot on Panasonic GH5:
Sigma 16mm :

More Equipment:

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22 Replies to “SONY A1E OLED Oreo Update Android 8.0 (Z9D, 900E, 930E, 940E, A8F, 900F)”

  1. Mark Presser

    I read a few people comment on various boards, that the Oreo update was causing problems using ARC with a soundbar or stereo receiver. One person claimed that Sony advised them that they were going to put out a patch by the end of January to address this problem. Has anyone had any ARC problems after updating?

  2. jarvisis akito

    great video I had the update on my A1 for sometime now but  have not done it because of you do it at your own risk , but your saying its ok that's a better feeling , there no  more  live football which was not that great  but now sports better or the same

  3. Dave S

    I have a android TCL, is still rocking 7.0 and as you know is nowhere near the features as america's, however I did not know about the developer option thing, and it worked, great job Shane.

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