Sony Xperia 1 Camera vs S10+ and P30 Pro

Comparing Sony’s Xperia 1 tri-lens camera versus the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Huawei P30 Pro, to see which 2019 smartphone shoots the best photo and video samples.

Sony has overhauled the camera hardware and software for its new Xperia 1 flagship device. Now you have an ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lens, just like the Samsung S10+ and P30 Pro – but what does that mean for shooting everyday pics and movies?

Well, the Galaxy and Huawei are still superior for night shots and HDR smarts, but the Xperia 1 does boast incredibly fast focus thanks to the next-gen eye tracking software. It’s definitely one of the best smartphone cameras of 2019 for shooting kids!

All three of these devices can record home movies up to 4K resolution, although the P30 Pro and S10 Plus again are superior for HDR situations and stabilisation. And Huawei’s telescope zoom design means it’s easily the greatest here for distant snaps.

Check out my three-day Xperia 1 review for all you need to know about Sony’s flagship phone, and you can also check out my camera deep dive for more on features like Cinema Pro.

49 Replies to “Sony Xperia 1 Camera vs S10+ and P30 Pro”


    1 thing scaes me the most when i hear abt sony xperia 1, i would love to buy ths device rn but i dont cause the battery …3300 and display 4k hmmm m scared , what do u guys think>?? i f u own the device tell me how batery goes
    i am a huge cosumer of youtube cids and discord chat

  2. Layla Esdesu

    I have Sony Xperia L1 (yes i know its old) but its camera has the same problem, i think all sony's have the same problem in darker areas photos become even more dark u cant shot well unless its well lit up. It was a big problem for me in new york…

  3. Jonny Chaos

    I got the Xperia 1 last week and it kept overheating. Sent it back and got another one. Worked all week, fell in love with it and then today the fingerprint scanner kept not working. It worked randomly but worryingly when it finally does actually work, it will unlock with ANY finger. Really wanted to love this phone but 2 BRAND new handsets both with major issues it looks like i'm not going to be keeping it. Sending it back tomorrow going to get the P30 Pro instead.

  4. James Stephenson

    I love Sony's style and innovating spirit. I hope they can get their cameras right because they are a little behind at the moment. I want my next phone to be this years Sony flagship! (only buy a new phone every 5 years).

  5. Paul JJ

    X1 has a bug when you make a video in 4K, they promised to fix stabilisation. Sony actually has the best stabilisation out of all of them in FULL HD.

  6. Mad Jack

    I'm a Sony fan but I'm confused whether to go for p30 or Sony. My brother recommended me to buy p30 but I need to convince him Sony is best. so I need reasons 🙁

  7. Dylan Smith

    I’m an iPhone user and I can say Sony Xperia users seem the most genuine out of the lot, you don’t sit there bashing the other opposing phone and people that own them, Instead you just truly appreciate the different perspective don’t offers with their phone. It’s strange how different phone manufacturers can attract completely different audiences.

  8. Hellgatyr

    7:00 if you have good headset (mine is hyperx cloud 2 7.1) the audio on sony is mindblowing, my headset tracking every incoming sound from exact position while other feels like stereo

  9. John Norris

    In Virtually All Situations, the P30 pro, leaves all others miles behind. And Now I can't wait to see the p40 pro, and also with 5 G. Hmmmm. A True Masterpiece of Phone science and Technology now available. But. A lot more Expensive. You betcha babe.


    I love Sony but the xperia 1 costs too much to not perform as well as the competition in the camera department…….I got the xperia 10 plus for 500 usd and the camera is so mediocre compared to the new moto phone or pixel 3a……but the display is pretty amazing even for lcd so I kept it…. I use a Canon M50 so I'm not even into mobile flagship photography anymore but the p30 pro is definitely going to be my new investment for mobile photography.

  11. Ashok Kumar.S

    I am from india i dont know ur language but i am perfectly enjoyed ur video plz tell me at ur point of view which one is the best at maximum situations bro.. plz i want to know

  12. River Opinion

    Can you do other phones then Sony!? It looks like they pay you to review the new xperia over and over… We get it its a good phone. Now please something else

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