Sony Xperia 1 hands-on review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Sony Xperia 1’s top features at a glance! We also do a quick unboxing so we don’t miss any details that make this phone special.

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50 Replies to “Sony Xperia 1 hands-on review”

  1. R Harris

    so wanting this phone now…have had my Xperia Z2, and Z3+ for too long now…just recently broke both screens and i abuse the crap out of those phones…I'm not even going to fix them because i really want to upgrade (using these phones since they were released, deliberately broke them because i needed a reason to upgrade), if it ain't broke why fix it?. People complain about battery size, but to be honest I've never had issues with a Battery from sony. I have an extra battery for my Z2 and I'm here wondering why the hell did i purchase that thing. The original battery (3300 MAh)is still keeping charge 6-8hrs of uninterrupted gaming after 5 years.

    Sony has me hooked because of the quality devices they make, premium materials used and overall robustness of their devices.
    Battery too small: rubbish, Sony users know what to expect and "WE" will stick with what we know, granted the magnetic charging offered on my z2 s faster than the quick charge on z3+ and since I damaged both phones…I went back to my Neo V. Too many samsungs have died at my hands iPhones are not worthy plus, all new converts to sony that I've met are reluctant to switch to their previous brands (mostly samsung users).

  2. just some random guy

    Sony doesn't advertise their product much….i think they achieve more profit from selling the camera sensors and other stuff to other companies….
    Anyway i respect what they did….
    I don't really like trendy phones….
    I like sony because it is not popular and it is not on peoples mind yet everyone knows that sony is a premium device….

  3. roblex63

    Why O Why do you need Dolby Atmos on a phone ? it just increases the price and people go somewhere else…. totally out of touch with the real world..

  4. Robert Lawrence

    I like it and because of their innovative approach and Samsung's stupid camera screen decision, this year I will be getting an Xperia 1 and going away from Samsung.

  5. Demetrios Karageorgos

    If Samsung and LG still include 3.5 mm audio jacks in their phones, why not here? Disappointed. Sure the iPhone doesn't have one either, but they have a dedicated base of users. Sony on the other hand, can't afford to alienate any one.

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