Sony Xperia 1 – New leadership and Old Habits

Sony has new leadership in charge of its mobile division, and as such, expect many changes in how we perceive its smartphones going forward. Reporting from New York City and Barcelona I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let’s go hands-on.

First, let’s begin with the obvious, Sony’s design language has changed dramatically. We were shown off two products, the Xperia 10 that replaces its midrange XA line, and the Xperia 1 that replaces the XZ line.


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46 Replies to “Sony Xperia 1 – New leadership and Old Habits”

  1. YaoMengLiew

    So they basically had a few demo on display but you're not allowed to even access it! Thank you sony…its obvious this is probably another garbage phone that will fade away like every other Sony phone. Giving your best sensors away to your competitors while holding back on your own was your downfall! Typical of Sony's management…laptop, digital players and phone failures are nothing more than an indicator of a company's effort to linger around. Only thing sony is known for these days are their camera and game system division.

  2. gamersetc.

    I have the note 9 as my daily driver right now but honestly I've always loved Sony phones, I just can never get then because I'm on Verizon:/

  3. YNA

    I don't get how a brand like Sony making great phones lags behind other shabby brand on the market! Sony certainly does not deserve this! Hope 2019 will be Sony's year!

  4. Sameer Umar

    I Love Sony Xperia Phones.

    Without Advertisements it will be flop. Sony Should Advertise His Products more and more for better marketing in the world ?

  5. Moisés Silva

    The 48MP sensor is generic sensor. It does not have DRAM inside. Without dram there wont be Predective capture, true 960fps, 4K HDR HLG , burst with AF …

  6. sherin raj

    The only brand can kick Samsung out of the business…. but Sony is not aggressive like Samsung
    But quality ? Sony
    I love to hold a Sony phone in my hand
    Nothing can give that

  7. Mathieu Yelle

    It is true 4k, and yet it is not…ok so it's the width of 4k, but only the height of Hollywood movies aspect ratio in 4k. In other words, movies will playback in 4k, TV shows and YouTube will have to drop to quad HD (or 1440p) because the height is not 2160p needed for 4k in the 16:9 aspect ratio.

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