Sony Xperia 1 – The BEST 21:9 SONY SMARTPHONE Ever Made !

The Sony Xperia 1 – Sony’s best and most exciting Smartphone ever. Xperia 1 Review and Xperia 10 Review soon. Checkout PureVPN: *
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The Xperia 1 looks wacky at first with its very tall 21:9 aspect ratio but aping the dimensions of a cinema screen and Netflix content could be a canny move by Sony for a niche market.Let’s not pretend this is going to drag Sony’s phones back into the mainstream – but this is a premium device with a slick design and triple cameras. It’s all about the display, the first 4K HDR OLED on a smartphone.. #sonyxperia1 #xperia1 #sony – Techadvisor
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48 Replies to “Sony Xperia 1 – The BEST 21:9 SONY SMARTPHONE Ever Made !”

  1. TechMagnet

    Hola Guys, Small correction as i had a few typos in my script and have done it after the event and a few beers 😀 :

    Qi wireless charging so far as i know removed. Statement from sony so far:

    Sony took out the Qi to be slimmer. Sony says it makes the phones fatter and these are certainly pleasingly thin.

    To be honest i would be able to live with 1mm more. But this feature in 2019 is a must have for me (car). Also in the video it should mean due to the slim body with glass backside.

    I will talk to sony next week and get you guys an update video with the device !

  2. justjayok

    @2:07 DIGUSTING! WHY.. YouTube app needs to adjust the picture for the excessive 21:9 aspect ratio. No one watches YouTube to have 3/4 of the screen be recommended videos… UGH!

  3. S R

    I seriously hope they market this phone. More people should use their phones. Myself included, as I currently use the S10!

  4. Mohammed Hossain

    Hello somebody got more knowledge with Sony Xperia phones. Any one make answer for me which one is the best by COMPARE SONY XPERIA 1 VS SONY XPERIA 10 PLUS VS SONY XPERIA XA3 ULTRA

  5. ? PepN Stock Footage ?

    Hi Steven, nice video ? Do you (or anyone reading this) know what the maximum frame rate is when recording 4k HDR video with this device? I'm hoping 60fps minimum but maybe you can confirm? Thanks

  6. Salty jr

    I've been holding on to my Samsung S8 for wayyyyyyyyy too long because of all the stupid new ideas that phones are being made to look like these days… This is going to be my next upgrade!!! Thank you Sony for being original and staying true to the OG style!

  7. luciann36

    No 5g? So what? You can use a proper 5 g maybe in 5to10 years from now. To get 5 g now is very expensive an i don t see the point if you are a normal user of internet.

  8. Ian Jones

    Review it again in a year when the battery is giving out, bits are dropping off the case, and it's slowed down by 50% for no obvious reason. And if they've managed to make this one take decent pictures I will eat my hat. Om nom nom

  9. nebulabob

    I so wanted to get one of these and break away from the Samsung Galaxy phones that I have been using for the last few years, but the no headphone jack is a deal breaker for me. The 2 things I need most on my phones are ,1 A great camera, ( I love taking pics) and 2. Great sound reproduction when using ear buds. I never listen to music through phone speakers, they are just garbage. listen to my earbuds all the time and I need somewhere to plug them in. I don't get why the phone companies felt that they had to get rid of the headphone jacks. Guess I'll just be getting the Galaxy 10+

  10. Scott 1

    Wait no 5g no dual speakers no headphone jack no wireless charge sony what are you thinking how do you do hi res audio with headphones with no jack what the hell sony what are they thinking did they not seen the bs apple had with bo headphone jack wow

  11. aluwani moyo

    Too little too late – Sony is DONE. The top tier smartphone market is CLOSED. There is no room for Sony anymore: and it's not even ready for market yet – sorry I know I'm gonna piss of a lot of fanboys but Sony is finished in mobile. FINISHED! They will continue as a major supplier for camera sensors but as far as smartphones most users simply lost interest.

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