Sony Xperia 1 – The Sony Phone We've Been Waiting For?

The Xperia 1 – The Sony Phone We’ve Been Waiting For?
This is the most exciting Sony smartphone ever as it packs a ton of technology in an iconic Sony design.
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49 Replies to “Sony Xperia 1 – The Sony Phone We've Been Waiting For?”

  1. sukhtaj singh

    Please review its camera as soon as possible. No one else has done it. I am considering to buy it. Compare it with pixel 3 and pro 30 especially Bokeh (including depth of control) and low light photography. Furthermore, can it click Live Photo’s ? The screen by showing real 4K HDR videos in Experia 1 and other phones. Thank you.

  2. MrCreepjo

    Hopefully it won't have flexgate issues like my Z5 have it's super annoying as most of my digitizer is dead and won't recognise my fingers.

  3. Kris Cantu

    Sony is no Secret, they are always the best phones out there. Samsung and Apple just buy all the marketing up and rank their own phones as the best. I'm using a Note 9, Sony is Superior, always has been. They just don't give a shit about North American Market as they should be. Open up your mind and go outside the box, Sony is an absolute beast in every single category

  4. elpelirrojo

    Sony can rock with the screens, I had a Xperia xa1 and I couldn’t tell if it was 1920×1080 or 1280×720, they definitely can hide the low res in some of their budget devices.

  5. Charlles Costa

    Great video Linus!!! I tested the Xperia 10 Plus for a week and I can say that I didn't like it. It feels very cheap, terrible camera, the display wasn't that good. It isn't worth 430€ but price here in Finland.

  6. A Citizen

    Geez Linus …. Have you lost your mind ?
    It's too tall to fit in your pocket , would break if you sat down and reading text in portrait mode would be awful !!!
    Stop giving credit where it's not due !!!!!

  7. Kazi Munir Hasan

    Look man, it's real 4K Cinema Camera, no it's not just any camera phone anymore. If you really use it's features, no mobile battery can support you. So obviously you would need a huge power bank plugged in while you are using Cine Alta. Which is why it's unwise for a techno smart like Sony to make it bigger putting a bigger battery. I'm not even a fan of wirelss charging, that's so slow charging for Cine Alta. If you ain't a pro, then don't use a phone made for pro only. Use other Sony Phones instead or iPhone

  8. Justin Magotti

    This chocolate bar is badass beautiful..its always exciting to see how companies innovations to please us customers..twelve by nine aspect ratio is a well thought decision and its very much welcomed..cannot wait for my hands on beast!

  9. Hafiz Mohaz

    Does it lag in future time? How bout temperature ? Does it gonna have any thermal problems? Does the usage of camera in longer periods affect the temperature?

  10. trinkCOKEorDIE

    pretty based but why on earth did Sony drop the blocky design? I hate the rounded edges. Also, the elevated cameras. Why? Gotta get a case for that phone I guess so I can put it flat on the table.

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