Sony Xperia 10 and 10 Plus hands-on review

Update: Our full Xperia 10 Plus review is already up:

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Sony Xperia 10 and 10 Plus’s top features at a glance! We also do a quick unboxing so we don’t miss any details that make this phone special.

▶ To learn more, read our detailed text account of our first meeting with the phone over at

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21 Replies to “Sony Xperia 10 and 10 Plus hands-on review”

  1. Gino Guillermo

    1. Is it not splash resistant or splash-proof? Is it safe to use in light rain or accidental trip to the sink?
    2. Does it have support for Apt-X bluetooth ? How clear and loud is the audio when connected with bluetooth headphones?
    3. The speakers seem loud on camera. But it doesn't distort at full volumes? No bass to it?
    4. Camera shutter as quick as an iPhone or Galaxy S8/9?
    Need a full camera review please Dave – dynamic range, sharpness, contrast, low-light, over/underexposure, stabilization (front & rear camera), lossless zoom (if any) and also how clear is the audio (stereo or mono? bitrate?)
    Are the cameras wide-angle lens?
    5. Screen any good in direct (on indirect) sunlight?
    6. Did you say what was the minimal storage?
    7. What update did you received and any improvements?
    8. How long did it take you to fully charge up to 100%?
    9. Memory management any good? Phone able to load the app instantly?
    10. Screen on time please?
    11. Did it have any pre-applied screen protector?
    12. How speedy is the fingerprint scanner vs other phones?

  2. idpro83

    The 21:9 aspect ratio is so damn stupid. 18:9 is already stupid enough. And please stop saying it fits more on the screen because it's wider. Will you say the same of a 81:9 screen?

  3. Jackal Prince

    Hello. I just want to make a comment that I message support and gsmarena twice now about the oppo F1 specs you have listed and no one has bothered getting back to me. I said ill complain and I still get ignored. What a shame ill hsve to take other steps

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