Sony Xperia 10 Love & Hate | 72 Hours Later…

I’ve been using Sony’s new Xperia 10 smartphone as my personal handset for over 3 days now and here’s my early verdict, complete with a look at that revamped design, dual lens camera tech, speed, battery life and beyond.

We were expecting Sony Mobile to launch a new XA3 mobile at MWC 2019, but instead the Japanese giant surprised us with the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus. These mid-range handsets boast the same 21:9 ultra-wide display as the company’s flagship, complete with punchy FHD+ visuals. And you also get a fresh new 13MP rear camera, bolstered by a 5MP depth sensor for Bokeh shots.

I’ve had my SIM stuck inside this mobile for a few days now and there’s plenty to love, although the experience hasn’t been perfect. Ahead of my full Sony Xperia 10 review, here’s a quick recap of the best and worst features of the new affordable Xperia. Performance, battery life, design, security, media features and the photo/video quality all get a mention – and check out Recombu early next week for my in-depth verdict.

26 Replies to “Sony Xperia 10 Love & Hate | 72 Hours Later…”

  1. Neon Malla Thakuri

    In xperia10 we have two speaker. I don't know what happened to 1 speaker it's not working, anybody have good information about it plz help me out fast it's soo irritating I haved check settings every thing but.

  2. ShadowAussie101

    No surprise here Sony shot themselves in the foot and closed its doors to Australia! on Sony Xperia phones as of July last year. Killing all hope winning is back and irritating that that Sony buyers like myself are forced to by from ebay or third party websites in the hope that their not defects, blacklisted or fakes

  3. James Cull

    I love Sony flagships but I really don’t get the lower end ones 🙁 it’s a cool concept but poorly executed. Saying that I’m getting an XZ3, and I’m very excited for it.

  4. Ed Towel

    I'm scratching my head about this one. The phone looks extremely beautifiul … it even has a headphone jack! Then Sony cuts corners on the internals. If the XPeria line, especially the "1", had slightly better chips, more memory (6-8 GB), more storage (128 GB), and a slightly better battery (3500 mAh), they could justify the near premium price points. Any discerning consumer can see that this phone is not a good value purchase. I'd only buy this if I could get it at a 30% discount or better.

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