Sony Xperia XA1 – Unboxing!

Bezel-less Sony Xperia XA1 in Gold Unboxing and Hands On!
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33 Replies to “Sony Xperia XA1 – Unboxing!”

  1. Makaveli 44

    I've always been a fan of sony but i don't suggest buying this one.. I bought this phone a year ago and lately (before two or three months) i noticed a problem with the sides of my screen it just won't tap and i googled it and saw a lot of people with the same problem.
    So be careful before buying

  2. wayne valentin

    Ugly phone 6months now it broke problem in touch side hard to slide down weak pubg but good ml good ca,era weak lcd supwr strong screen by the way lcd is not a screen

  3. Dinamo TNT

    I using xperia xa1 very bad experience i suffer more problems in this phone
    1.very bad low light photo, very very worst selfie seems like basic camera phone photos in selfie mode.
    2.when i on camera phone starting heat extremely i can smell and feel plastic getting heat and i can't even hold on.
    3.very bad experience in gaming when i play games phone gets lagging then it will show pls stop this app and phone getting heat highly.
    4. Bad quality plastic material. When I bought this phone after few days I can see the colour difference is like shades on the backside of the phone and much more issues.

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