Sony Xperia XA2 Plus VS Nokia 7 Plus – Daylight camera

Hey there guys, we are back after a long 2 weeks vacation, and this time we have for you our much anticipated camera comparison of the Sony XA2 Plus VS Nokia 7 plus, in daylight. Hope you enjoy it, and please leave a comment with your feedback and opinions on how we can improve our work.
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22 Replies to “Sony Xperia XA2 Plus VS Nokia 7 Plus – Daylight camera”

  1. Dibyamartanda Samanta

    Nokia 8.1 is out .
    It is successor of 7 plus .
    I remember we made Nokia crazy in their forum for making sd660 phone with imx352. After few months when 7 plus got released in mwc , we found they just don't claim but really listen to their customers .
    They improved their camera app recently.
    I started a thread in their forum for so called 8.1 plus shall be .
    Like I did for Nokia 7 plus in 2017 , September .
    I believe if they make this device then business of one plus will be in trouble

  2. ercoolee

    There is not the slightest doubt that the standard Sony has best real color and wonderful natural sharpness and hue. Google cam does not even come close. Light can always be processed….. Win for Sony… I go buy this amazing phone.. 348 on Amazon…

  3. Buzz Talk

    Easy win for nokia !!! Here's the thing… use google cam for insta stories and other than that use the stock cam and you can adjust the colours via photodirector app. So now you have better details and better dynamic range.

  4. Angel R.A.

    In the pictures taken with Nokia on the image with the little mermaid Ariel, the black letters in the lower side of the picture are hardly readable 'emplechez la noyade', only on Sony stock image I could read them clearly. No advantage at all in Nokia camera. Women like colors/glamour but not performance – this is the saddest truth in my case too. And while there are more women on the planet of course Samsung and its alike infantile over saturated processing camera won overall selling devices. Mx camera and Google camera are among the least performance having the least features. Please test more and show people Sony are far better. Snap Camera Hdr will give maximum advantage to the most (even any) Sony cameras including saturation and sharpness to its photos. I have few examples took with XA1 dual camera using Snap, simply destroying the stock one: . Cheers!

  5. Furkan Erdoğan

    Off all the phone marks, i just love sony and nokia. İ use Sony Xperia Xa now but i want to buy a new one. İ was confused to buy a Nokia 7+ or the new XA2+ . But thank your video i will buy a XA2+ i guess. We want to know more about the XA2 plus..


    detailed review.. well done.. would you mind to do an in-depth review of sony xa2 plus or a comparison review between xa2 plus and Nokia 7 plus would be good too…

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