Sony Xperia XA2 review: New and refined

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Sony Xperia XA2’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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45 Replies to “Sony Xperia XA2 review: New and refined”

  1. vBDKv

    I friggin' love this phone. The camera is pretty awesome, it takes really wide pictures and the shutter is super snappy. Oh and it can record in 120fps for super slowmo, 60fps for those action shots and 4k for whatever. It just ooze quality. Oh and the battery lasts forever .. Almost :p

  2. Bill J

    Great Video! Not being a hater but your eyes and expressions reminded me of that one time I was on mushrooms and I happen to look at myself on the mirror and was mesmerized of what I was seeing in the mirror. Mind you , I did not see my reflection on that mirror..

  3. J Hehl

    I'm thinking of getting this phone for my son as an upgrade from his old Moto G3 that is dying. On the 32 gig model, how much free space is there as I know andriod OS's like to take a lot of space. Also will this upgrade to Pie once it's released?

  4. Kryptonite_smassao

    I have a question: How does this phone compare to Samsung A7 (2018)? Here, both Xperia XA2 and A7 (2018) cost the same at the moment (XA2 is a bit cheaper, but ignorable). So how bad is XA2? The processor ratings are very low for Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 compared to Samsung Exynos 7880, and XA2 has 3GB RAM compared to 4GB RAM in A7 (2018). So, really what is the benefit of getting XA2? something that I'm missing so far? 🙂

  5. superapple4ever

    my iPhone x got ran over, long story. So I went to Best buy in corpus Christi Texas to pick this one out for $200. Not so bad so far just a bit awkward in the hand.

  6. okinawapunter

    yesterday, I bought XPERIA XA2 , in Macau, at Fortress store, at L3 of Venetian casino. price was 2000 HKD. I like this phone.
    One major reason of buying Sony phone is, I don't like South Korea and China.

  7. tommy

    No offence but why do Americans ask 'whats up' but never wait around for answers about whats up? For example I'm a bit peeved about remoaners and a weak government trying to thwart Brexit, the current riots in France which appear to be spreading and the heavy traffic that comes through my quiet little village. Why ask 'whats up' if you dont wait around or listen to whats actually up? Its like when Americans Im with say 'Im just going to the bathroom' I always ask why they are going for a bath while in the pub or at the shopping centre ( mall ) 🙂 On a more serious note, Im no expert, have had a Galaxy Note 2 for years, been great and still is but likeing the look of this. Is the camera better on this than the Note 2 camera?

  8. V V

    Wish list for XA3: SAME FORM FACTOR, 4gb ram, better low light performance and better front camera. If it had those things, I would not look anywhere else for the best compact, practical mid-range phone!

  9. MuzafirM ManilM

    I'm using Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XA2
    XA2 it's awesome battery backup
    Back Camera awesome…
    Design super… Nice Work SONY
    Please Sony Xperia Mobile's available.. in India??
    Sony The Best Technology and best quality product
    Company.. in the world's… Best Smartphone phones
    in every year 2010 to 2018…

  10. Roger Wittekind

    You should test out the Stereo Microphones because mine are wired backwards where the only way to get the left and right microphones to record to the correct channel is to hold the phone upside down when recording videos.

  11. Ignacio Camacho

    I don't give a damn about the front facing camera, I've taken like 3 selfies in my whole life, I actually want my phones to last a long time, but I'm pissed off at sony because of the xa, not sure if this one is worth buying after the experience I had with the XA. Can anyone recommend other mid range phones?

  12. joel750

    A Great and Superb smartphone! I was really hesitant to get this phone because it's way out of my budget. But discovering the amazing effects of this phone!?, it IS WORTH the $300.00 it was asking for. It's way too much phone for me but that's alright I guess! ???

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