Sony Xperia XA2 | Sony can…do better

Review: Sony Xperia XA2
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00:54 Design
03:26 Display
04:40 Sound
05:29 Performance
07:24 Battery
08:32 Software
09:50 Camera
13:38 Conclusion

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26 Replies to “Sony Xperia XA2 | Sony can…do better”

  1. Elisabeth Lantto

    Thankyou! You are right: the camera is very, very bad. It is good to hear another person say the same as I have noticed. I really regret that I bought this Sony. I have had earlier a few Samsungs – what a different photos I made in Samsungs!

  2. Thanasis Anagnopoulos

    I know the video is old but i have a question . I have the Sony Z2 since forever and it's time to get a new one . Still Sony because im used to it and i like getting used to things . The XA2 today costs 229 Euros and it's pretty much what i can afford . Will this be a better phone from the Z2 or is about the same ? Should i get it or wait for like a year more ?

  3. Atlas

    And one of the most useful features is missing, SD card support. It's there but very limited. Given how the 32GB more like 15GB runs out pretty quickly.

  4. mrmilano

    Can someone give me the advice which phone to buy, Sony Xperia XA2 or Samsung Galaxy A6/A6 plus? Camera is one of the most important features. Thanks.

  5. Luka Morić

    I have bought the phone three days ago and I am more than satisfied!This phone excelled in each and every department. Better than LG G5 and Huawei p9 that I have just dropped.I can only imagine what kind of a killer Sony Xperia XZ3 is. Whoever is considering of getting Xa2 will not be sorry afterwards."Sony can do better".. WRONG. Sony did a GREAT JOB with this phone!!!!

  6. John A.

    My sony xa2 got crushead,bought Huawei p20 lite..i will take the p20 lite back and buy the sony xa2 phone for the bucks without a thought.

  7. Slaviša Ostojic

    Hi! Great review.Please,tell me what would you rather choose,sony xperia x or xa2? You reviewed both of them,and they are close in price in my coentry.Thanks in advance.

  8. Hey You!

    Im using a second hand Xperia z5. The thing i like about this phone is reliable and the software is easy to navigate.. the thing that i don't like about the latest xperia devices even though i cant afford the latest flagship, is using an amoled display.

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