Sony Xperia XZ1: Hands-On Review

Sony just announced the Xperia XZ1 at the IFA 2017. Here’s our first look at the phone’s top features in a short and sweet video. To learn more, read our detailed test results over at

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46 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ1: Hands-On Review”

  1. K. Loh

    I just bought the XZ1 several days ago for competitive PUBG and COD gaming on a budget. The phone is amazing for its price and the silver colour looks so classic in square shape. My only complaint about this phone is that it is nearly impossible to find a good tempered glass for the phone due to the miniature curve on each sides.

  2. Picker 94

    Watching this on my new xperia xz1…. There are some bugs but for the price a got it is a bargain….. Better than any other midrange… Even the pocophone in my country (Greece) is much more expensive than the xz1… Completely satisfied with my choice

  3. Manos L.v.e

    Sony xz1 has serious problems with the wifi connection. I pay 700 euro and I'm still waiting an update to fix it after 3 months. Sony don't care.

  4. InnerFire6213

    Cool camera stuff 900 fps camera or whatever. But people just want a camera that can just take a beautiful image without trying hard. That's why the samsung, apple and google pixel are in the lead. You just need to point and shoot, and almost every time the pictures will come out great. Sony still doesn't understand this. They make 20mp phone cameras, 900 fps, the fastest sensor, and literally made the cameras to be used on other more successful flagships but they fail to make a decent one for their own phone. And let's not even get into the phone design it's like they're not even trying

  5. rambo

    its 2017…hell its 2018….this co. is still offering huge bezels….if you idiots(read sony fanboys) doesn't wants to stay with latest tech than why don't you go back to dumb feature phones sony used to make in 2004-05

  6. PitchB1ack

    im really happy with my xperia phones.been a sony fanboy since 2006, never bought any other brand. the xperia line is probly the only lineup where im satisfied and dont really look for an upgrade, like i probly would still use my z/z2 if it was still alive now (im on xz currently) which is weird coz most of us usually want the newest one (me during walkman days). its just funny coz for me they always break just after the warranty is gone haha, coz sony designs are really REAALLY good naked/bare, no covers/cases or anything so i dont put any (im a bad owner). im curious if sony will ever make a bezelless phone, Just imagine that xz1 body+lessbezel, that would be sooo goood. theres nothing new much on xz1 tho

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