Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact Review

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40 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact Review”

  1. ar87ace

    What a piece of junk this so called "smartphone" is… after 1 year of countless updates the touch screen is still problematic(production fail). The battery doesn't last 1day of normal use… It is overheating while playing games, filming in 4k, using skype etc. The glass gets scratched really really easy. Can't use the headphones anymore because the usb port is defective(usb auto-detection failed errors)I've had only issues with it. And i thought the z5 compact was a bad phone, no more Sony for me ever again!

  2. The Panacea

    My XZ1 compact mini jack just got ruined, playing headphone mode only, not fixable, so not having one kinda seems like a bit of a relief surprisingly. I guess the the only option is to get this one.

  3. Fierra Roper

    Sony is great! It's so much more than just a brand. And now they have the ability to pack all of the things that made them so great into one device.

    People seem to forget about the Trinitron screen, the Walkman with the Mega Bass feature, the VAIO computer, the speaker phones with caller ID, and let's not forget about the PlayStation. Sony manufactured all of these amazing things and had American companies worried. But now there's a whole bunch of tech companies making Android phones that have all of the exact same features that Sony is known for. The funny thing is, Sony never went away. They're still making good products. And they're still one of world's greatest tech companies.

  4. BuildersM8

    Gave the XZ2 Compact a miss due to the Chinese looking design, and lack of headphone jack. Apparently a XZ4 Compact is due to be released soon, and has similar looks to the XZ1 Compact along with the return of a headphone jack. If this is as promised I will change my XZ1 Compact 👍

  5. Norberto Castro

    Poor quality sepakers? Who are these "revievers"?? entirely plastic? Only the back painel is plastic and its not a cheap one, the frame is metal. Hdr recorders need a proper hdr set up to be whatched! Its like he is pointing out "negative stuff" just for the sake of it, when its not even true..

  6. Sharon Solomon

    this would have been perfect with a headphone jack and wireless charging. sony should release only compacts, where they have no competition. the big phones wont do well anymore..

  7. John Kessler

    I would think glass is actually cheap too. Might feel more premium, but most plastics are precise and of high quality. Glass has the potential for cracking, which is a big downside. That is why I prefer plastic. Shape and form are more important.

  8. MP-Fin

    Who cares if the back is plastic? Who doesn't wear a protective case on their phone nowadays? Also glass back breaks more easily, but again, you do probably wear a case. I have an Xperia Z5 (with glass back) and it got broke even with a leather case. Tomorrow I am getting this and can't wait!

  9. Chris Davis

    The Sony compacts have never been available on Verizon in the United States, I always hold my breath, turn blue, and then settle on a larger phone. Hopefully this will change things!

  10. David

    This phone – like the entire XZ2 range – is shit.
    And there's a better version of it: the XZ1 Compact.

    Here's what you get on the XZ1C that you don't get on this:
    – A headphone jack
    – A fingerprint reader that is actually useful instead of placed in the shittiest place possible.
    – A phone that's ACTUALLY Compact.
    – A good design.

    And since this one still doesn't have wireless charging – for no reason whatsoever considering the phone is all plastic – then the XZ2C doesn't have anything that justifies buying it over the 6 month old XZ1C.

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