Sony Xperia XZ3 Full Review – Sony's First OLED Phone! | The Tech Chap

The Sony Xperia XZ3 is Sony’s first OLED phone (6-inch QHD+). With a Snapdragon 845, 64GB storage, 19 MP camera (4K HDR video & 960fps slow motion) – is the Sony XZ3 worth the £700/$900 price tag? Amazon US: | UK:

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25 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ3 Full Review – Sony's First OLED Phone! | The Tech Chap”

  1. Dan Cooper

    The FS is not uncomfortabley low down, it's right where it should be, when my index finger goes around the back of the phone it touches exactly where the scanner is. Grrrr

  2. F Fuentes

    I was gonna get this but then I saw that it didn't have a headphone jack so I got a Samsung instead. Sony always advertises about their high quality DACs and then they remove the dam headphone jack.

  3. Elias Jr Martinez

    What can we expect from these youtubers who are paid to give good reviews to the company they follow.
    Sony Phones have very good sound quality. I Remember when I compared my Z5 Premium with the Galaxy S7 Edge. Sony had better sound quality. My brother also said that.

  4. May Kala

    Sony Xperia XZ3 comes with pre-installed bloatware same as the Samsung phones, you would be able to disable those annoying bloatware but can't be removed permanently

  5. Big Dog Lintern

    I love Sony phones and been getting them ever since the Sony Ericsson T68i from back in 2002 (remember that one, the plug in camera ?) . I've only ever had one of their handsets cause me grief and that was the Z3 but apart from that, amazing phones. Only reason I never got this one is coz it was unavailable on my network so I swapped it for an S9+ and happy with my choice. Will no doubt go back to Sony again though for sure. ?

  6. Not a Magical Girl

    Shit man, I need this phone. I’m stuck with an iPhone SE running iOS 12 and I’m dying to jailbreak it. Sadly I can’t. Most of the things I want to do, you can usually do on an android with no jailbreak. So this looks like a good deal.

  7. Na Me

    My opinion Something to be change?

    Fix Copy Style
    By welli

    1.copy frame from xa ultra.
    2.the main screen as full size as xz3 but little bit change with copy style from iphone xs and little bit change with copy style dsgn speaker from XA1=the main screen represent as shape of (H)=speaker A top and B at the bottom.
    3.secondary camera,sensor,litte dot, must be side by side of the speaker.
    4.the back case copy same of xperia xz F3882.
    5. primary lens for the back case copy style from xz5 but second lens must beside of the primary and the sensor copy style from XZs and decorat 19mp or 23mp with X-mo as a label near the sensory.
    6. Fingerscan as copy style from XZ2 (H8296) within labeling XPERIA must be at the center


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