Sony Xperia XZ3 long-term review

In this LONG-TERM video review, Vlad will let you know what the Xperia XZ3 was like to live with for an extended period of time.

Our long-term reviews pick up where our regular video reviews left off and show you these devices at a different angle.

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32 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ3 long-term review”

  1. Petr Chvastek

    Why are you still solving the bezels, I wonder? Sony has clearly said that they will not go the way of notch or hole in the display, but they will still have bezels, deal with that. Do you understand that Sony doesn't want to be like everyone else, then all phones would look the same, now there is no difference between Samsung / Huawei / Honor and more, all the same. I have XZ3, it's great smartphone!

  2. Andrei Vadan

    I have to disagree with a lot of things. First, the so complained fingerprint sensor. The position is ok, is just how you are used to keep your phone in hand. Maybe if you have long fingers, it's not ok.
    It doesn't have gestures for a reason, it's on their forum.
    I use the device from October, no lag, even with less than 10 % of battery. Samsung S8 it's lagging, but not a Sony XZ3. I have more than 15 apps open all the time.
    The battery life sometimes is better than a 4000 Mah Huawei or Xiaomi, because like on Pixel3 is very optimised.
    Sorry, but for a review-er you have to put yourself in a neutral standing point.

  3. Gurkirat Singh

    Things I like –
    1. Bezels is not a bad thing. Depends on how you implement it, whether it's notch, dot or bezel. My preference is slim bezel, good multiple sensors, dual mono or stereo speaker on front.

    Things I didn't liked –
    1. The fingerprint sensor placement isn't good.
    2. No gesture navigation(it should be good also).
    3. Even when UI is lightweight but still isn't snappy as seen in the video, why?
    4. The app viewer/task manager is outdated.
    5. They provide a 5V-1.5A charger with the phone, even when it supports 9V-2A charger, compared to redmi note 7 pro, they provided 5V-2A charger, a charger normally available out there, which I don't appreciate either as both devices support 18W chargers.

    As you can see most of the bad points I mentioned are software related. Why? Just to show you that Sony doesn't provide anything for their brand name, except maybe the camera app. They have to stop going on the Apple path or they will derail as well.

    PS – The camera test wasn't extensive which I didn't liked, so please don't do that again, @gsmarena.

  4. Alex Liu

    Does your phone have touchscreen responsiveness problems at the corners? I also have non-responsiveness when i turn the screen on in some cases and I have to turn the screen off and on again. In some apps after turning on the screen i have to hit the home screen, otherwise the app doesnt respond…its such a pity..and it drives me nuts when im driving and i need to look at the map or do something, it is dangerous. I have used Sony exclusively since 2013, I hope the Xperia 1 will be better or a software fix will become available to the xz3.

  5. kapil busawah

    Sorry but the moment I hear "lagfest" I had to disregard whatever you've said. Also SONY are the quickest for updates behind Google. They're quicker than any other OEM on the market. My XZPREMIUM is running the Feb security patch. That's a nearly 2 year old device running great.

  6. Ejdy DMJ

    I own XZ3 for a 6 months every day a lot!! Actually watched this video as well..
    I love this phone it has great Oled HDR screen (Better than Note 9),nice stereo speakers, superb build quality and it fits so nice in hand.. Superfast as well.. I can't complain at all!!! And I didn't have any issues with lagging so I don't know what is this guy talking about ?.. Another great feature is Dynamic vibration system (from playstation) and its something new and interesting.. You have completely different view on videos, games.. I think its amazing piece of machine.

  7. Joshua Fernando

    Lol the 1st review of Sony new phones that i heard it! show it happening next time ???maybe?? like all the comments here it is clear that this guy is a sony hater. its hard to not tel by seeing ur face maan.. ? GSM arena, pls , this is definitely not good for ur reputation. and all phones has 4000mah + batteries???? seriously man?


    Guys.. These phones really are among the best if you plan to use a phone for 3+ years.. Majority of the people who use sony's praise them for smooth performance, great display and a great camera (low-light isnt the best but gets the job done). U guys should really consider sony users opinion rather than relying on certain yt channels who like hating them..

  9. Teshigi Smith

    Sony Mobile fans are some of the most toxic fans I've ever had the misfortune of mixing it up with. They literally take any negligent hit of criticism as someone being biased or a Sony hater when in reality, they are extremely biased themselves because they refuse to admit if something is wrong. I'm really glad the PlayStation community isn't like that at all. Its important to know how to both praise something and yet still give constructive criticism especially in reviews. People want the facts and the arguments for both the good and the bad so they can make a calculated decision. They don't just need to be hearing all praises because that doesn't help anyone.

  10. StIwY

    The smartphone would be perfect with a proper-positioned fingerprint sensor and a flat and non-curved screen. Unfortunately, Sony always have to mess with something….

  11. paulo eugenio

    "it lags when it reached 10%"
    stamina mode kicked in, of course. the XZ3 Stamina mode must be configured to restrict phone performance in favor of battery life when it's low on power. Try again, mister.

  12. John Rey Abitria

    I've been using my Xperia XZ3 for 4 months and I didn't experience any lag doing some multi tasking or even playing heavy games. Yes, the position of fingerprint scanner is the worst thing Sony did to this phone but you'll get use to it after 3 days of using. Battery life is very good. Screen is awesome.

  13. Rammer Jammer

    Some people just want to hear what they want to hear. This phone doesn't seem to meet up high expectations as a flagship phone. Would he just pretend to like it? It's his opinion. Watch other reviews of this phone then make your own verdict.

  14. Tim

    Xperia XZ3
    – Faster than the Note 9
    – Faster updates than the Note 9
    – Better screen than the Note 9
    – Better software than the Note 9
    – Won't lag over time like Samsung phones do

  15. Assen Mantchev

    Long term review, are you kidding me.
    The phone is 3 months old! And I'm sure you did not use the phone every day. You should do this review after 6 or 8 months of every day use. Then tell as how good or bad it is. And I'm curious how this oled screen is going to hold up.

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