Sony Xperia XZ3 Review After 3 Months – The MOST UNDERRATED Smartphone 2018!

The new Sony Xperia XZ4 is coming soon, but the XZ3 wasn’t a bad choice at all. Check it out here in my 3 Months after Review !
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The Sony Xperia XZ3 actually has a good camera, but not a class-leading one. Our review found that it struggled with dynamic range and low-light scenes, so we’d like to see some improvements here.
Early rumors suggest we might well get some, as the Sony Xperia XZ4 is tipped to have a triple-lens camera, up from just one rear lens on the Xperia XZ3. Of course, more doesn’t necessarily mean better, but it sounds promising.
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34 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ3 Review After 3 Months – The MOST UNDERRATED Smartphone 2018!”

  1. Дима Романов

    Went to the local store today, XZ3 screen is completely burned out with some laughable image retention. Samsungs are all okay.
    Camera is shit, water resistant is crap, processor throttles, battery sucks. What is good there at even 600$? Probably nothing. Only your imagined "EXPERIENCE".
    Just get pixel 3 XL, it is way better in every aspect. Sony makes no sense, it is not a competitor. At 400$ I could think again.

  2. Hugo Henrique

    The gap between the glass and the frame is deliberately done to prevent cracks on the glass, as the vibration on the metal from a drop would break the glass, but that gap will cushion the vibration 😉 Sony are good with details ?

  3. GerardPedrico

    I have an old Xperia myself but am not excited by it. I just love to listen to the Scorpions rock band songs on my old Xperia. Sony is still stuck on the make believe appeal of 1980s decade nostalgia… something that won't last. Grow up, Sony! Listen more to the market! Times have changed…

  4. Andrew_koala

    Removing the AUDIO jack seems to have become a disease among Phone manufacturers.
    What am I supposed to plug my SONY or SENNHEISER Headphones into, particularly when
    the phone battery is on charge either via the AC adapter or the PowerBank huh?

    .. SONY IS dancing the two steps forward and one step back.

  5. QiLow105

    Why would they remove the headphones jack? How stupid is that? I don't understand how some companies do stupid decisions like that and go backwards and make it worse for the customer and remove a fundamental feature from their product for no reason or a benefit.. Like what type of brain is that?

  6. TheFresh76

    The location of the fingerprint sensor was THE only reason why I didn't buy this phone. That was a major design flaw, hope the XZ4 will correct this, no-one wants to keep fingering the camera!

  7. Nguyen Luan

    The most overrated smartphone: Oneplus 6T
    I fucking hate Oneplus fans no matter who you are, a bunch of sheep thinking they can take over the world

  8. Richie Bharath

    Sony need to chill down with their prices big time ..most Indians love Sony but Sony just ruined themselves with their prices ..Sony can come back instantly if they released a proper device in india with reasonable price .

  9. Omar Nuñez

    Sony Xperia are the best!! I use to have the original Z, 5 years, no problem at all, nothing!!! Change to a XZ premium, awesome phone!!! Very underrated, better than Samsung and Apple in my opinion.

  10. Rupayan Tudu

    I will tell that Sony is legend phone but if they launch at budget price and with good specification than it will rule all over the world.??♥️♥️♥️??

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