Sony Xperia XZ3 Review

Our Sony Xperia XZ3 review takes a look at Sony’s first phone with an OLED screen, a true premium flagship priced to fight with the biggest names in the game, but can it stand its ground?

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50 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ3 Review”

  1. MR 15 GAMING

    These youtubers just go for the trend say that other phones are good. But sony is the one who started the amazing technologies in smartphones. Sony is underrated. But we will always love sony!???

  2. azad shaanu

    What u hold in your hand is the proof of real innovation and technology. Sony doesn't need any reviews…..ur life completed as u hold this… Only sony. Make believe.

  3. Danny Dam

    Every time I watched this channel review a Sony phone, they have nothing better to say but to bash it no matter how good the phone is. Go check Amazon and BestBuy for a more accurate review. The PhoneArena channel is praise only on iPhone and Samsung, probably those company donate money to them for a good words.

  4. V7 Zain

    i hate sony apps. they not free last time i m using Z1 and need to buy or upgrade to pro version for explorer only. bad apps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Majid Nobles

    Sony is a jigsaw puzzle… It gets something right, and then messes up with another aspect. I am a Sony fan and I believe they can win the cellphone race if they get their shit together.

  6. Sweet Karamel

    The phone is too thick + glass back = disaster if you drop it. Also it will be too thick to put a case on + screen protector. 8.8mm is maximum phone thickness for me. If it thicker than that + case + screen protector then it will be too thick to put it in pocket.

  7. JohnJohn83UK

    I like to try this phone. I still have my Xperia Z3 which is still working great. Partner has the z5 which has had problems but hope its just the phone not a z5 issue.

  8. MMaya

    I like that their phones had sharp clean rectangular line I think it made them look slick and they were different from all the other phones that all look the same. I don't like they are doing this more curve design now they just look like every other phone.

  9. Paul Moore

    Excuse me. I work at Best Buy, and the phone available to buy there. Do your research before making assumptions. This channel is nothing but biased towards Apple products.

  10. iTechUOutGuy

    Flasgship phones are dead. The XA 2 Ultra is actually the better buy. I get over 9 hours of SOT and bigger battery! Performance is on point! Can't lie! I'll have to say the XA Ultra is the better buy and smartphone. It's still worth buying now in 2019. Plus it's only $199 at Best Buy. Well… At least last week it was. ???

  11. David Buchanan

    Always wanted a sony but as always their camera software or the algorithms they use just never hit the mark and i cant understand why. Sony make among the best camera's in the world and should be setting the bar for all manufacturers to follow but yet they've had this on going issue for years with ALL their phone's software algorithms and they never seem to want sort it…Same goes for battery life its just mediocre.. Yet the price their asking for this device is ridiculous.. Considering you can get the Huawei mate 20 pro with better everything for the same money or less.. If Sony spent the time on their camera software and ironed out the algorithms the same as Google has done with the pixel 3, just imagine how amazing the outcome would be…

  12. The Un-Personing

    Total Sony fanboy and this phone might well be on the cards. One thing I've always had issues with on Sony phones is the screen rotation,don't know why but it can be quite infuriating.

  13. Paulo Yoshizaki

    SONY: XPERIA XZ3: RAM10GB: ROM256GB : BATERY 7.000MAh : Whireless CHARGING : ÓTIMO ?
    PARABÉNS ??? ???????????????: SONY. XPERIA XZ3. : GOSTEI
    MUITO !!!!!…………PARABÉNS SONY…………………………………………OK…………………………………………………………………………

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