Sony Xperia XZ3 – The Sony Phone I've Been Waiting For!

Unboxing & mini review of the Sony Xperia XZ3. Sony created a beautiful smartphone with its first ever OLED display. Watch for the full first impressions and let me know what you want covered in the full review!

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29 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ3 – The Sony Phone I've Been Waiting For!”

  1. Mr.

    I've always used Sony phones since the age of Nokia remember? Hahaha. For now I still use Z2 it feels just perfect. But it's so disappointing to see that Sony isn't following new trends concerning the design! I couldn't be satisfied with any Sony phone after Z2 as far as the design is concerned. So please Sony! Get it… Your phones' design sucks!… Make it slimmer with little bezels just like others! Why the bulky phone! Come on!

  2. steel city rc

    Iv used sony phone's for years an love them my old z5 compax out peforms my work mates I phone 6 every day we both got them in the same month about 4 years ago an his is always plugged into the van.

  3. OotzybOotzy MJ Mixes

    I got this phone today now for the first time I know what an oled display is. Higher resolution than my 4k TV it seems. But omg this man says skmefhj g about almost as good as iPhone and Samsung.. Both brands are shit compared to Sony and both of those brands let me down greatly Sony phones have yet to let me down…

  4. Charlles Costa

    Great video Mathew! The XZ3 uses Power Delivery ( USB-C PD) fast charging. The XZ2 uses QC 3.0. I've this phone and I love it. The only 2 things that I dislike are the battery life and the camera.

  5. Koji Kuza

    im a big sony fan they are the most underated phone maker, they make better phone then samsung or other brand but people seems not interested in them, been using sony xperia play, m, c, the last z3c a fast and snapy all of them im using doesnt have any problem with it, to be honest i think the main reason fail to compete because they lack of advertising thats a one main problem, the others because other brand especially the chinese, they are bringing much better spec and sometimes build quality with much affordable price phone, to be honest sony is really lacking behind now, they seems lose the inovation like they use to be in walkman/cybershot era phone, design especially, they seems lost and just follow the crowd jump on the same boat, u already failed to compete in spec and price how do u expect to excel in that same boat wake up..! now im just using moto e4plus just hanging on to this until i know sony make the phone that really worth it, i really miss sony phone please comeback.. 🙁

  6. dagnut

    For real sound and real picture quailty Sony are miles ahead… Unfortunately people don't want real quality, they want bottom heavy compressed sound and digitally smoothed pictures

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