Sony Xperia XZ3 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Series | Which is best?

We compare the new Sony Xperia XZ3 with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

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29 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ3 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Series | Which is best?”

  1. Macky Mode

    XZ3 is too thick, imagine putting on a case on top of the thick XZ3, not very appealing. Sony also doesn't offer flagship compact variant that Samsung does with S9 and now S10e, a devastating oversight, possibly due to production restraints as manufacturing two models would cost more, but to me having a flagship compact variant is very crucial because not every person wants gigantic top of the line flagship phone that costs a ton as oppose to a compact variant that is just as good in quality & performance but more affordable.
    I feel that Sony has missed the mark with the new Xperia 1 as well, the 21:9 screen aspect ratio is just too niche-driven, physically it's way too long to handle it comfortably with one hand mind you, I was so eager to get the new Xperia 10 but with that ridiculous 21:9 screen and use of subpar materials, I'm sticking with Samsung once again.

  2. dee sheppard

    Some lies here one he says the Samsung will get a operating system update to android 9 soon yes the note 9 will from Samsung not the galaxy 9 Samsung not know for there updates fact also Google has asked them to release updates more often there reply we won't be told by Google fact also apple oled screens come from Samsung AND LG fact not just Samsung apple ditched Samsung screens but LG couldn't make them fast enough so they are now using both companies ok

  3. Victor Armando Morales

    Ofcourse my favorite is Sony xperia xz3. Sony has been always the phone brand that I use and I must tell that I love their smartphones even I dont complaint about this amazing brand so the xz3 its more than great for me ?


    THIS TIME SONY SHOWS THE WORLD WHY SONY IS NO.1 IN PREMIUM OLED TV MARKET. And fact that sony made world first oled tv in 2008.its so expensive and SONY stop produce oled tv while perfecting it untill now,behind perfecting oled sony produced and perfecting ips lcd TV and phone as we know.


    SONY IS NO.1 IN PREMIUM TV MARKET, AND SONY PREMIUM TV'S IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE IN THE WORLD. speaking of the display quality vs Samsung galaxys , Look the comments below videos of our random Korean PAL here,,

    I ask him myself.. God by me, no joke,lies here.

    And here:



    Plus :

    And here is our Japanese pal…

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