Sony ZV-1 VS iPhone 11 Pro

Sony ZV-1 vs iPhone 11 Pro – Both the Sony ZV-1 and the iPhone 11 Pro both shoot 4K video. Both are very portable and the ZV-1 and the iPhone will happily fit in your pocket. BUT!! Which is better for making videos with? This video shows the Sony ZV-1 and the iPhone 11 Pro in action, so you can decide which is better for you. Let me know in the comments which you liked more…

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39 Replies to “Sony ZV-1 VS iPhone 11 Pro”

  1. All Events Donovan

    I have no words, amazing! I'm hoping to buy a camera for next year and wow. I have my eye already on this one and thanks I loved the locations where you went. I am from El Paso TX, (USA) and we don't have nature like that. Great Video!

  2. The Begg Family Antics

    Of course, being retired, I can’t afford an iPhone 11 Pro, but I’ve managed to get a Google Pixel 4, which does quite well, but the selfie camera is nowhere near as good as the iPhone one.

  3. Mike E Gadget Tech

    Obviously, the best camera is the one you have in your hand. Phone video has gotten pretty great. But in this case, not only does ZV-1 edge out the iPhone on video IMHO, but the ZV1 audio just kills the iPhone! No substitute for an external mic (which you can you use on the either device). But, but the combination of the flip screen, Sony auto-focus, and the remote control are what really what makes the ZV1.

  4. Colin Gailey

    Vic, thanks so much for the great ZV-1 content! I’ve been having overheating issues while shooting in 4K. I’m shooting indoors and temps are only around 75 degrees F. The camera can do about 5-6 min of shooting then overheats. I tried changing the temp settings but that hasn’t fixed the issue. Any advice?

  5. cortical1

    Great footage and content, Vic! Thanks for the comparison! Just love the picture warmth of the ZV-1, and the audio seems to be outstanding. Man, I gotta get to the motherland!

  6. Wee Broon Van

    Hi mate, loved the "Blair Witch" camera shake shots them moving to "proper" camera stability. Learning a lot just watching your vids. ZV1 takes it for background blur and iPhone for sharpness and clarity. Both great for the kit bag and loved the drone shots.

  7. Wilsinho

    Eu tenho um iPhone XR e uma câmera Sony a6500. Mas preciso de uma lente pancake para Sony. No Brasil tudo é mais caro, complicado demais aqui.

  8. TLOI Academy

    Super helpful.
    A video idea – a lot of us online classroom teachers in India have bought a ZV1. If it is feasible for your time and effort can you do a video in which zv1 settings are fine tuned to focus on the whiteboard. You can check out a couple of videos on my channel that I am shooting with ZV1 and have no God damn clue how to get this right 😂

  9. gay shrink

    Thanks Vic. I have both and this is the first comparison of the two that I've seen. Quite frankly, I was able to tell which was which due to the tightness of the shot on the ZV-1. Other than the inability to adjust aperture, I really do appreciate the quality of video on the iPhone. Not to mention the convenience.
    Thanks so much for doing this video.

  10. Jamie Coats

    Hi Vic, love your videos and a few thoughts I had for your comment and that might be relevant as follows.

    Do you shoot in HLG? Regardless of that, I’m wondering that maybe you can grade it more and do more with it in the editing software then you can iPhone.

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