Speed Test G: Android Nougat vs Oreo vs Pie vs Android Q

I have done many Speed Test G videos using different devices, but what about the same device with different versions of Android? In this video I compare a Pixel 1 running Android 7.1.2 Nougat with itself running Android 8.1 Oreo, Android 9.0 Pie and Android Q!

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48 Replies to “Speed Test G: Android Nougat vs Oreo vs Pie vs Android Q”

  1. AndresM

    Android PIE has issues with the Bluetooth codecs I was told by Samsung support. Samsung is currently trying to patch it, but it was Google who changed the audio framework. I have a S8 on Oreo and can play DSD and Flac over bluetooth while the S10 series, and Note 9 can play DSD or high resolution audio over bluetooth.

  2. SumEeT Gk

    Good work…kudos to google …because if u consider a windows pc with gen 1 hardware like i7 first gen and use windows 7 in it and use windows 10 on it.definitely windows 7 will win because of the low feature set ..but that's not in the case here..

  3. Dejan Bajic

    A ndroid…
    B eta
    C upcake
    D onut
    E clair
    F royo
    G ingerbread
    H oneycomb
    I ce cream sandwich
    J elly bean
    K itkat
    L ollipop
    M arshmallow
    N ougat
    O reo
    P ie
    Q ?
    R ?
    S ?
    T ?

  4. Shrirang Agarwal

    I am an Android P user. My device performance has been decent. Games like Pubg lag a bit. The phone overheats. My biggest complaint though is with the battery. My phone sometimes switches off at 40% and then when I switch it on it starts at 50%. The battery drains very fast too. At medium to high usage, I have to charge at least 3-4 times a day. Is anyone else facing this issue?

  5. Willy Yappy

    Gary come on. You know that hardware still managed to do the test just fine. That is a Snapdragon 821 phone with 4GB of RAM. Of course it will run the version just fine. It's like comparing running Windows XP to 10 on a i9 with 32 GB of RAM. The problem with newer Android version emerges when your phone is capped at 1 or 2GB of RAM. And 2GB of RAM is common, and now you barely can use it anymore with newer Android version just because Google need to stuff everything on your phone. Go ahead try running Android (even the newest, without Google apps. You'll be amazed how much Gapps eat your RAM for breakfast). And that my friend, is the problem.

  6. bobbinatorrah67

    I enjoyed my pixel first gen for the first year and a half, then some OS upgrades definitely impacted that. I had app crashes like crazy, including the phone app. It never was the same.

  7. Corey Hondzinski

    How scientific was this? Were all devices new? If not, were they all the same "age", with the same use? Does it account for the owner's usage degrading the phone already (especially with the later OSs)? And what about a phone that has been used for awhile with one OS, then upgraded to another? There's too many outside factors unaccounted for to call this test conclusive. People are saying hardware means nothing but it does when you are upgrading to new software on old and/or used hardware.

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