Speed Test G: Huawei P30 vs Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Huawei P30 has a Kirin 980, 6GB of RAM and a 1080×2340 display. The entry level Samsung Galaxy S10e has an Exynos 9820 (depending on your region), 6GB of RAM, and a 1080×2280 display. Which is faster? Let the testing begin!

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49 Replies to “Speed Test G: Huawei P30 vs Samsung Galaxy S10e”

  1. John-Paul

    HI GARY… you said somthing interesting in the graphics benchmark…If the extra 2 units on gpu would help s10e catch up.
    Would that not be more true if in dev options the "gpu rendering" was enabled and "hardware overlays" disabled?
    I would love to know from someone much smart than myself.

  2. Cliff Allen

    If possible can we see a battery drain test on …….
    P30 Pro Kirin 980 vs
    S10+ Exynos 9820 vs
    S10+ Snapdragon 855
    And can we see speed test G on all three phones too ?
    Please Sir ?

  3. Maceac Robert

    Hello @Gary, Do you have any idea why the Mate 20 pro got 1.48 (with perf. mode on) vs P30 1.44 (without perf. mode on)? Is it because of the different resolution?
    I am living in europe and I want to decide between s10E and huawei p30 so your video is very usefull.
    Thank you for your work!

  4. E E

    ??????s10+ is perfect… this test is suppose to be s10 + v p30… you youtubers are funny… S10e is dope for its Price tag lol

  5. Roman Romero

    I am using now s9 plus exynos…. nothing is slow on my phone… and I play all kind of games it never lags…. so I don't understand all these comparisons about seconds…. in real life it all comes to what you really do on you phone…. for sure you won't be able to run crysis on any of the phones nor any render workflow…. but as a phone with best camera on the market s10 plus wins hands down… whether exynos or SD it rocks them both…and am sure there is great potential in the Exynos 9820, if they want it they would unlock it, but I believe battery life is more important than few seconds of faster processing time.

  6. leo jeb

    The truth is the sharehold of samsung, a Korean company, is mostly in some Americans' hands, just like the sony in japan……….and if u wanna know the twists and turns behind it, we must go to the story of how the US f up the japan and korean economy and the stock market back in 1990s……..maybe u r not interested but they r all related to ur life in a way u r not even aware of…….

  7. JannisDavidZwahlen

    This is the fair comparison because they're processors are made by the company itself. And not by snapdragon. Of course snapdragon will be better because they are a company that specially focuses on processors.

  8. ABS

    I don't know why people care that much about CPU or GPU I only use one app at ones I never use two apps or leave an app open in the background.

  9. Zangetsu Black

    Did you make some tweaks with the castle GPU test? Because I can see that the Exynos 9820 and Kirin 980 can now run through it much more smoothly than before

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