Speed Test : iPhone 5S – iOS 10.3.3 vs iOS 12 GM Build 16A366

iOS 12 is here, and according to Apple the main focus has been
to double down on performance. It was mentioned several times during the keynote, and they spent a surprising amount of time on it at WWDC.
They also mention that they have the most focus on older devices.
With twice as fast app loading. So we must assume that they
mean it. iOS 12 does come with many new features,
but still overall has the same design as iOS 11.

So lets see if it is true when comparing it to iOS 10.3.3 on the 5S

Conclusion :

Sure there are areas where the older iOS version loads
apps faster, (Subway Surfer is a good example), but the over all responsiveness of iOS 12, when put side by side to iOS 9.3.5 and 10.3.3 is very impressive.

Remember to subscribe, studies show that subscribers iPhones are
faster than non-subscribers. Now you know.


Jeremy Blake

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33 Replies to “Speed Test : iPhone 5S – iOS 10.3.3 vs iOS 12 GM Build 16A366”

  1. Neil Boardman

    Not a true speed test the iPhone on the left running iOS 10.
    .3.3 still has Bluetooth running which will affect performance ……………………………..

  2. Lord Asclepius

    The battery is an issue. I f you change the battery, these phones will work better. I am actually impressed. An new software must be more demanding, but it seems that is catching up really well.

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