Speed Test : iPhone 5S – iOS 9.3.5 vs iOS 12 Beta 1 Build 16A5288q

iOS 12 is here, and according to Apple the main focus has been
to double down on performance. It was the first part of the key-
note, and they spent a surprising amount of time on it.
They also mention that they have the most focus on older devices.
With twice as fast app loading. So we must assume that they
mean it. iOS 12 does come with many new features,
but still overall has the same design as iOS 11.

So lets see if it is true.

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34 Replies to “Speed Test : iPhone 5S – iOS 9.3.5 vs iOS 12 Beta 1 Build 16A5288q”

  1. niceboke

    9.0.1 Baby! I’ve never upgraded from my new purchase of my 6s and it is as smooth as ever. You know theres something wrong when the older the version it is the better it is. It mirrors the time when Windows users stuck with Windows XP for years after windows vista was released. Tim Cook has taken apple the way of microsoft. bugs, hangups, osx getting worse with each new version. putting all apples resources into an extremely limited ios.

  2. Biết Chưa Thể

    I am still on ios 9.3.2 for EVER, not much a difference…
    i see some others' running ios 9 CAN DISABLE animation, that would be a BIG hit??.
    5s is a good old guy for mine next decades ?

  3. James bond 007

    Don’t worry, iPhone 5S until iOS 12.x.x can't be update to install iOS 13, so it iOS 12.x.x can downgrade to iOS 8.4.1 be soon signed in Summer 2019 common sense 4S iOS 9.3.5 downgrade to iOS 6.1.3

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