Speed Test : iPhone 6S – iOS 10.3.3 vs iOS 12 GM Build 16A366

iOS 12 is here, and according to Apple the main focus has been
to double down on performance. It was mentioned several times during the keynote, and they spent a surprising amount of time on it at WWDC.
They also mention that they have the most focus on older devices.
With twice as fast app loading. So we must assume that they
mean it. iOS 12 does come with many new features,
but still overall has the same design as iOS 11.

So lets see if it is true when comparing it to iOS 10.3.3 on the 6S

Conclusion :

Sure there are areas where the older iOS version loads
apps faster, (Subway Surfer is a good example), but the over all responsiveness of iOS 12, when put side by side to iOS 9.3.5 and 10.3.3 is very impressive.

Remember to subscribe, studies show that subscribers iPhones are
faster than non-subscribers. Now you know.


Jeremy Blake

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50 Replies to “Speed Test : iPhone 6S – iOS 10.3.3 vs iOS 12 GM Build 16A366”

  1. Shantanu Shetty

    So 3 of my friends and I, bought the iPhone 6S together at launch, and all my friends upgraded the OS everytime a new one came out, and I always stuck with the 10.3.3, their battery life is horrendous, their boot times are a good 3 seconds longer than mine, and the camera quality on their phones absolutely suck. Do you ever wonder why when you just bought your iphone your camera looked so amazing, but over time it just started losing its luster? It's because I believe Apple messes up your camera with each update after a few weeks of installing the update. They make it so that you get a huge performance boost right after the update but that starts lowering as the weeks go by and you end up with a device worse than before.

  2. Musa sahin

    iPhone 6 Plus
    iPhone 6s Plus
    iPhone 7 Plus
    iPhone 8 Plus video pleaseee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. JEYMS

    It has ben a week since I did the change from 10.3.3 to 12 and I regret it deeply…
    My battery health is at 89% from max capacyty (good health) but my battery life is waaay less on ios 12 than on 10.3.3 (about 25% less). Also, the battery is acting really weird, sometime staying at the same % when dooing taxing tasks, and sometime dropping about 10% in 15 minutes while I am dooing light tasks…
    I will set a meeting at genius bar since I find that inacceptable because I bought it in september 2017

  4. Timothy Mathews

    I'm using ten and thinking of getting a new phone that would be using 12. I wanted to see how 10 and 12 stacked up. 🙁 Can you do another video 10 vs 11 or 10 vs 12?

  5. Mertcan Çağlıyan

    Did someone already update to ios12 from ios10.3.3 on iphone 6s please let the others know if it's worth, if it works without lags with ios12 as well it does with ios10.3.3 and how the battery life looks like with it. These people need your help dear person who already did update ??

  6. Dardania Lion

    If this video is what it looks like, then this means IOS 12 is actually faster than 10.3.3. I am still on 10.3.3 and I think of moving to 12. Any more feedback from people who jumped from 10.3.3 to this with Iphone 6s?

  7. strawhat67

    should i update from ios 10.3.3 to ios 12? iPhone 7 Plus. Now it's supersmooth and fast on 10.3.3, is there any lags on ios 12? and what about battery life?

  8. Pagi Prajumas

    Updated from 10.3.3 to gm iOS 12, pretty happy with performance and battery life so far, 2 days in (100% battery capacity, just been replace) . iOS 12 looks more modern, so its a nice update.

  9. Gdh kv Hckslfhdhhd

    You must do a battery test comparison for us .. I have been watching your videos for the 6s since the first beta and it would be a cool ending to this series if your follower knew the battery health prior to install ios12 and it will encourge more to follow

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