Speed Test : iPhone 6S – iOS 12 Beta 1 vs iOS 11.4 (iOS 12 Beta 1 Build 16A5288q)

iOS 12 is here, and according to Apple the main focus has been
to double down on performance. It was the first part of the key-
note, and they spent a surprising amount of time on it.
They also mention that they have the most focus on older devices.
With twice as fast app loading. So we must assume that they
mean it. iOS 12 does come with many new features,
but still overall has the same design as iOS 11.

So lets see if it is true.

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35 Replies to “Speed Test : iPhone 6S – iOS 12 Beta 1 vs iOS 11.4 (iOS 12 Beta 1 Build 16A5288q)”

  1. V V

    Никакой скорости в 12 оси не увидел. Опять наебалово от пидараса кука

  2. Scott Dzi

    Damn this is super disappointing. All the animations and stuff look just as slow as normal. I thought with iOS 12 they were planning on shortening the animations. Maybe there are under the hood performance increases, but as long as iOS has those ridiculously long and over-drawn animations for open/swapping apps, then no matter how fast their processors get, iPhones will always feel sluggish to me.

  3. Raffaele S

    I have a 6s but I do not see all these differences with ios 12 … maybe a bit more fluid; I'm more interested in the autonomy side … how are you? always considering that we are at beta 1

  4. Design created by MJ

    C’est vraiment de la merde ! Tu achètes un iphone la premiere version est la pour te faire baver ultra rapide (en gros c’est tjr de mieux en mieux etc) 2 fois plus de perfs etc bref un mirage, 3 mois apres ta une maj, et progressivement sous couvert de la sécurité, tu te fais baiser… j’ai tjr etait Apple franchement la ca me gave a mort cet idee de blocage des mises a jours anterieur… on est pas maitre de ce qu’ont achete ! Ca devrai etre interdit !!!!

  5. Daniel Guzmán

    Good video but, would be better if you were did with the original slowed batteries by Apple, because clearly you changed it, your Geekbench tests are so high compared with mine ones, exactly in the half results.

    My single question is (for someone with unmodified iPhone 6s), is the performance and battery better with iOS 12?

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