24 Replies to “Splash Screen and Login Screen with Animation in Android Studio (With Source Code)”

  1. kim b

    Great vid!

    Would you know how to connect the log in to Main Activity so that when you click 'log in' it goes to main activity and runs the rest of the app and you can then stay logged in or have the option to sign out?

  2. monarch nigam

    I have followed the exact same steps but the animation is not working in api level 28, everything else is fine but the animation is not happening.. please help, no matter how much i increase the handler time(4000) its nor happening… please help.

  3. Cristian P

    It works wonderful in vertical, but if the phone is moved to horizontal everything go horrible (and every time you change position the splash start again and again). Can you help me fixing it please?

  4. Techpanda89

    I know this is an older video but why didn't you use ConstraintLayout for your activity_login? Nesting so many layouts is horribly inefficient and you can reduce the amount of code by close to 2/3rds

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