Stable Android Pie on the Samsung Galaxy S7? LineageOS 16 Review & Guide

Hi everyone,

we finally have a stable-ish build of LineageOS 16, so Android Pie, for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Everything is working beautifully, the ROM has a very good RAM management which results in great battery life as well.

The ROM is supported on the International SM-G930F variant only. Try it at your own risk on the different variants.


Samsung S7 LOS16 zip download link:


S7 Android Pie OpenGapps:

Magisk zip file:

XDA-Thread link:

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Last but not least, I’d like to thank the Ivan_Meler team for this great custom ROM.

24 Replies to “Stable Android Pie on the Samsung Galaxy S7? LineageOS 16 Review & Guide”

  1. J Houer

    When using the TWRP approach, has the S7 a bootloader lock?

    Or you can just install the TWRP, install the LOS + Gapps (+ Magisk)?

  2. Justin Sane

    Very useful for me, so i'm going to hit the subscribe button. The only thing that is worse than the stock rom is camera. So if anyone knows a good camera app… please let me know

  3. william yim

    May I ask if the rom support adaptivr battery and enforce selinux as default?

    Also, Can you suggest some GCam 6.1/6.2 mod which can work on this rom as well?

  4. fargoflagrant

    Hey cool video! I've been using 16.0 for about a month now on my SM-G930F. I'm enjoying the experience aside form a couple problems. Easily the worst one is that I haven't been able to get bluetooth phone calls working at all, although A2DP bluetooth works perfectly fine when I play media. Has anyone else had this problem?

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