Stock Android vs Android One vs Android Go – Gary Explains

Read the full post: | Android now comes in lots of flavors: stock Android on devices like the Pixel 2; Android One on the Moto X4 and the new high-end Nokia phones; and Android Oreo (Go edition), on phones like the Nokia 1. How to they compare? Let’s find out!

Note: For clarity, we’re defining stock Android as whatever Google ships on its own hardware.

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43 Replies to “Stock Android vs Android One vs Android Go – Gary Explains”

  1. Costel S.

    Hey, what about internal audio screen recording, does anyone knows a workaround, besides Mobizen headphones, Mobizen app for Samsung and LG devices…on Android 7+, of course.

  2. Aydin

    there is no reason to buy pixel 3 , if there are smartphones which also get always updates immediately. Thank you google , my first and last smartphone from you is pixel 3


    It's sad That Informative videos like this gets very less views but shitty third class Indian tech channels gets very high views just in a couple of days

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