Stock Android Vs Android One Vs Android Go..The Real Difference #BacktoBasics

A lot of people ask us how exactly are these Android versions different from each other… So, we decided to do a video on it so that you can understand the difference between these 3 formats of Android. In this video I also explain how the updates happen on Stock Android, Android One and Android Go. This is important to know if you are planning to buy one of these Android Phones

#StockAndroid #AndroidOne #AndroidGo

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Video Highlights

00:00 Introduction – Difference Between Android OS
00:36 Stock Android
01:36 Android One
04:25 Android Go

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41 Replies to “Stock Android Vs Android One Vs Android Go..The Real Difference #BacktoBasics”

  1. mudassar basheer

    brother the google pixel phones does not have pure stock android. they are added with pixel experience like pixel launcher, pixel camera etc, stock android is basic vanila android which google gives to other manufacture which they put there own experience on top of that, example asus zenfone max pro m2

  2. Shubham singh

    hey, i used to watch so many news updates (tech ones) but after subscribing you hindi channel i started waiting for video. Your Energy level is what that according to me is most attractive what i have seen in ur hindi videos ,but here u seems a lil tired or unenthusiastic , but while starting "redmi go" and while wrapping up ur video you seem excited.
    its a suggestion not any question actually
    Yours sincerely
    a subscriber.

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