Storyboard Tips – Command Drag (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)

This is your first Storyboard tip in under 5 minutes. I teach you how to prevent UI objects from automatically going into other UIViews by holding down the COMMAND key.

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11 Replies to “Storyboard Tips – Command Drag (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)”

  1. 林思樺

    I am one of those who hate storyboard haha, hope I will be comfortable with it after watching this series. Especially resizing views often make me gone crazy

  2. TheBarthinator

    Can't wait to start following some of your tutorials. They are really helpful and simple. Also thanks for the tips! I can't wait to start iOS developing more.

  3. Pavel Orel

    I love the idea of the series! And this tip is also really helpful and new for me!
    But I have a small suggestion. This video was 5 minutes long and explained a relatively simple thing… I think you could improve this format by either
    a) make a longer video with a few tips (that are potentially related?) by cutting the explanation of each one a bit. or
    b) keep it specific, but, again, cut the explanation part and go straight to the point so the video could be used as a reference, for "ah, I remember watching this short 2 minute video that showed X, but I forgot how to do this" situations.

    Obviously, this depend on the tip, maybe you would need to make it a bit longer if it's complex, but for things like this – keep it simple 🙂
    Again, love your work and this whole idea, just wanted to give some suggestions on how I think you could make this even better. Keep it up!

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