Storyboard Tips – Storyboard References (iOS, Xcode)

Minimize merge conflicts with storyboards by using storyboard references. Communication with your team can help too. 🙂
Also reduce the processing power needed to render large storyboards.



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21 Replies to “Storyboard Tips – Storyboard References (iOS, Xcode)”

  1. animus hack

    Hi Mark, In the video when saving a Refactor in Storyboard is there a way where it doesn’t show the saved storyboard? just stay on your main storyboard

  2. animus hack

    Hey Mark, great video! So I have an app with around 200 TableViews and it runs xcode slow. If I do this to my app would it speed up the process in Xcode?



    OMG this video helped me so much,, i have always hated to open the storyboard, cuz it took too much time to load,,
    but how can I put a scene back after I refactor it to storyboard?

  4. Ketan Sutariya

    Always. U r amaizing bro…Its saves so much time. i have one storyboard with too many scenes . when i open its taking much time to load. now it's easy. thanks "Alien"

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