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Watch as Paul and Nick take the iOS and Android versions of Stronghold Kingdoms mobile head-to-head! Situated at either end of the same parish, two Firefly Studios developers sit down to build and besiege their way to glory in 15 minutes. Check out the video in its entirety for village building, castle construction, world map gameplay and a dramatic siege or two. It’s Samsung S6 versus iPhone 6 in this battle of the platforms!

Whether you’re playing on PC, Mac, phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, iOS or Android Stronghold Kingdoms will allow you to challenge your online rivals however you choose. With all major game features present across each version of the game, Stronghold Kingdoms on mobile is designed as the full PC experience with the convenience of a mobile app. It’s the Stronghold you know and love for free on your phone. So get ready to besiege your nearest and dearest from work, school and countless other places you probably shouldn’t be using your phone.

Don’t forget to download Stronghold Kingdoms iOS on the App Store from August 17th and the Android version on Google Play from August 31st!

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27 Replies to “Stronghold Kingdoms – iOS vs Android”

  1. ABO ASD

    We ask the developers to have the game support the Arabic language If the votes also support the Arabic language, it will be wonderful when the experience and good for the game because it will spread in the Middle East at a tremendous speed because it supports the Arabic language .

  2. Ross Sinclair

    so you guys are getting paid/endorsed by apple, or having issues with app on android because there are many more devices/users? – on a good note looks awesome guys keep up the good work

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