Sunday QnA 46 | OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone Xr, iOS vs Android, iOS 13

Hi doston this is our Sunday QnA no 45

#sundayqna #asknabeel #techqna

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24 Replies to “Sunday QnA 46 | OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone Xr, iOS vs Android, iOS 13”

  1. Aliakbar Peerkhanji

    Yes you are right we should not buy a smartphone which leaks our personal data like iPhone in which Siri listens everything (if enabled) for your kind information OnePlus email address leaked mistakenly and Siri leak is intentional and yes we should also not use Google apps which leaks our data like YouTube and Gmail etc. You are very biased and in bias you spread wrong information about other companies you are yourself using Google apps but saying Google leaks data of Android users and why you say sidloading APK file is piracy. It can be used to install apps which are not approved by Apple for example Fortnite. installing apps offline, creating app backup etc. You call other tech YouTubers biased do you have any proof that they are biased. Everybody has personal bias (including me) but you as a tech YouTuber you should avoid your bias as much as possible.

  2. Kartik Chauhan

    Last comment……seriously agar apko yeh pata h ki apki privacy android bech Raha h Uske bavjood app keh reha ho Woh apke betterment k liye h toh apse bada bavjoof koi ni yr ISS fraud k zamane apki security se badi cheej kya ho Sakti h

  3. Sameer Sewa

    I am using OnePlus 7 pro at present..can I switch back to iPhone xr which is of 60hz?I find the 90hz to be very smooth compared to 60hz iPhone xr even bionic chip is faster..

  4. Narendra Pandey

    Nabeel bro I love gaming (pubg) , I am confused about which handset is better for smooth long term without any lag issue in game also for best screen recording ???? iPhone XR or One plus 7T ?????????? Plz reply bro….


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