Switching from Android to iPhone in 2020: The Truth

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In this video, I try to disprove the idea that it is impossible to switch between Android and iPhones. I shed light on the increasingly available cross-platform apps, and devices from other manufacturers that actually work well with iPhones. I even talk about the differences in camera technology, and how it is not as wide of a gap as you may think. I mention the iPhone compatibility of laptops like the Dell XPS and TVs like the Samsung QLED line.

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32 Replies to “Switching from Android to iPhone in 2020: The Truth”

  1. Jay M

    So you like the ugly notch on iphone. And you like to work for your phone. It should be the phone should work for you. Customize it to your preference. And you say about mirroring iphone. Dont you know you can also mirror your android phone to any smart tv.

  2. Anoop

    Iphone is good only for the animations… Lacks functionality.. Lacks fingerprint sensor.. Lacks headphone jack.. Lacks actual fast charging..lacks a charger.. just a piece of trash..
    The half eaten apple logo is quite symbolic… It's just 50% as good as android!
    Never understood the losers that keep pumping their money into apple.

  3. Arjun Anand

    I've been considering getting the iPhone 11. But not so sure because of the display resolution. I watch a lot of YouTube and Netflix/Prime video..not sure if the experience is going to have a drastic effect?Any thoughts/suggestions

  4. Robert Mills

    I was really tied into iPhone due to iMessage, but recently most of my chats have moved to WhatsApp as my buddies have all started to move to Android. This is really making me consider a move to Android as I’d like to be able to switch phones more regularly and that’s just not possible when I’m getting contracts for £1000 plus iPhones.

  5. Marshall C.T.

    Has society really messed up it's hierarchy of values so much that people are stigmatized for using a specific electronic device? THEY ARE JUST SMARTPHONES FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

  6. Christian Geddes

    Haven’t used IOS in 12 years, got a new Samsung every year and half & am in week 3 with my IPhone 11ProMax & I hate it, heavy piece of 🚽I’m not Annie Lebowitz 🖕this 📷

  7. Sam Chu

    Are you joking? Iphone is literally piece of 💩. Google is literally saving their ass. IOS is fucking retarded. You can't use half of their apps. Siri and Apple maps. Iphone users have to download Google. Google is Android. So an Android company is literally saving their ass. If Google decide not to let Apple use their apps. Which might happen in the future. Pixel is a competitor to iPhone. Iphone would be literally shit.

  8. Anastasija Duk

    I am switching to iPhone. I have used android (Samsung specifically) since I don't know for how long. But I always wanted to try iPhone. I never understood the "war" which is the best.

  9. Dr. Zom

    I am switching to iPhone 11, maybe the Pro one. Idk but, the only thing I don't like is the needing to jail break to download Stuff that isn't allowed

  10. EVE Pro Guides - EVE Online PVP and ISK Guides

    I'm switching because most new tech works easily with Iphone but not Android. My 360 camera will not work with most Android but does with all Iphone. My DJI drone works but is buggy with android and flawless with Iphone. The fact is it's easy to make something work for all Iphones and very hard to make something work for all Androids because they are all different.

  11. Alberto Gomez

    Lol the cameras are of Sony* and Screen Samsung. Yes I Phone started the touch screen phone since 2007. I Message and FaceTime is the main thing for IPhone.
    But why the hell IPhone has Google app?
    Since Apple is a closed ecosystem and being spied by the FBI through the Camera. Now using Google app my Lord are Humans that blind? Androids are good too this isn't 2007-2009…

  12. Lex166

    I've been with both I like android more but I'm stuck in the apple ecosystem and I tried to get out but I purchased many things when I was with apple. I want everything on my phone. So I'm gonna get the iPhone 12 pro.

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