Switching from Android to iPhone in 2020 — The TRUTH!

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he era of switching from Android to iPhone is over…

But is it though?

Apple recently released a new iPhone SE that has all the power of an iPhone 11, a camera that can beat out the iPhone XR, Touch ID, and, yeah, a forehead and chin straight out of 2017, but at a price tag of just $399 in the U.S.

And it prompted a lot of reaction.

Even my pal, Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central, in an article still making the industry rounds, wrote that the cheapest iPhone has a more powerful processor than the most expensive Android phone

So, are people really happy with their choices and their ecosystems? Are they set in their ways and their current phones? Have they decided the grass never really gets any more green?

Or, are there frustrations that come up, new features that get added, security scandals that blow up, and new phones at new, lower, price points that… change everything again?

This… is switching from Android to iPhone in 2020.




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44 Replies to “Switching from Android to iPhone in 2020 — The TRUTH!”

  1. s c

    Iphone as it stands is a better deal, and i use android. Security IS important. I'd recommend to most people to get an iphone until the mess that is android is cleaned up in a couple versions (mainline + kernel). It makes zero sense to spend more than 200 on an android phone when it last 2 years. You'll get 6 or more on iphone and they continue to perform great.

  2. David Lewis

    I upgraded to I phone 12 Pro max from a Huawei p 2019.
    I took the I phone back within 2 days only thing good about it was the camera.. Much rather a 200 dollar phone

  3. 佐井トラね子

    The nice thing about iPhones is that you doesn't need to adapt to new hardware and software whenever you upgrade your phone.
    I just adopted a 11 Pro Max from my brother a few weeks ago and after a quick setup that night when I got it, it's good for work within 30 minutes.
    I've been using it as if it was my old and trusty 7 plus the next day for work and didn't really realize that I was using a new phone after a week of use.
    I only came to realize something was completely off one day when I noticed the battery life was absurdly long and remembered that I switched my phone already.
    To be frank, switching from the 7 Plus to the 11 Pro Max was not the most exciting hardware upgrade I had experienced, but when you are busy and really do not want to fuss over hardware setups and re-adapting to a new set of UI, life is just way easier on an iPhone than other phones.

  4. Khoa Nguyen

    STUPID — from the literal title.

    STUPID — at the video’s conclusion.

    This is coming from an active iPhone 11 Pro user, and decade-long iOS consumer.

  5. MS TK

    I switched to iOS about a month ago. I was pro Android for a long time but other than the hardware and customization the iPhone is a better deal. You can pretty much get the other service apps and any other app at higher quality. I love android and the software experience has gotten better but really I don’t see an advantage to android other than those two differences. Some might say price but again you can get a used iPhone that would still be supported plus most of your money back of you try to sell it. There are manufacturers selling iPhone camera hardware so you can sorta upgrade the cameras. Even wireless third party cams.

  6. Giovanni Bucio

    I rather be the Wolf Samsung and never join the isheeps. Steve jobs said in the book he made its a planned obselesent product company so why are ppl still buying this icrap? Ohhh fashion i get it.

  7. Shahzad Alam

    Been in Apple eco system since a decade and now leaving, just realized the extra money paid to them just to have a good support from them but when time to get good support came in pandemic they proved to be below standard and I realized that when it comes to consumer if you havent paid extra money for apple care then they don't bother any more and their internal procseses are so old and strict they there is not option for you. Had a really bad experience. A phone under warranty sent to them three times but they couldnt fix it and couldn't replace it and now they asked me to post them for the fourth time. No im just getting out of their eco system. There are very good options out there, which I could have started using years ago. Can you imagine that Apple dont have have a formal online compliant process.

  8. Lil_sabbage 17

    I'm switching from android to iPhone ..its just time I've been team android for awhile..the note 10 plus might be my last android..I'm getting the iPhone 12 pro max and I'm getting into the ecosystem apple watch and Airpods.. but I will still keep my android on me

  9. Maiki Nicolau Michels

    That is not really good explaining the changing situation. He is a iphone hater. Listen to him it won't give you anything good about the change is better videos out there that they give un pros and cons.

  10. Master Ji

    I use both and find the iPhone has better hardware, and software – unless you're running short of storage. However it's one big Achilles heel is still the wretched battery life.

  11. douglepong

    Those choices are over a grand less you sign your life away. I'm glad the SE from Apple exists to subsidize the cost of their own lineup of phones but they do charge a dollar or more for apps that are normally free on Android. Google Pixel is a good budget option for those that still like Android over Apple, and it's still a cheaper phone. Does it have the fastest Snapdragon or Mediatek chip? The answers no. But it's still fast enough for most users. I don't mind supporting different phone companies as long as their not forcing people to buy their products which is what the Apple eco system does. The lightning cable tries to lock their fan base in forever. They will never make it easy for other users to switch to something else. The users that support Apple shouldn't feel like prisoners. They should feel like customers. On that note Samsung, and other bigger cellphone companies have no right to sell their phones at such a high premium, and offer such poor quality budget options. Which is why I think the market doesn't have as many options as Rene Ritchie is so enthusiastic about. There's really only 2 to maybe 3 options for people that don't want to sign their life away or pay thousands of dollars right away for a phone that's worth a few hundred the following year. The pixel 4a, Iphone SE or genration that's around that price range, and an Asian brand that uses stock Android, and not Android with a foreign skin that's buggy, and not useable in North America. I strongly advise people to never buy used because in most cases the battery is dead. You'll have the odd functional one here, and there but for the most part there's a reason for getting rid of the cellphone in the first place.


    Hi I cant really choose what colour should I really go for am switching from an android device "note 10 plus rainbow🌈 colour " to the new iPhone 12 end I really need some feed back please ❤

  13. avenuePad

    Six months later, SE users can't leave their phone unplugged for more than 3 hours. Oh, and I don't trust any video that has "THE TRUTH" in the headline. Bullshit detector immediately goes off.

  14. Steve Schizas

    I switched to Apple a few years ago. Android completely sucks. Couple things it does better than iPhone like not shutting you out of app while updating and I do like googles assistant much better than Siri, but outside of that. No reason to have an Android phone. You can download and use most of the google apps on your iPhone anyway.

  15. Ned Martin

    Why am I not able to adjust text size on 3rd party apps with my iPhone 11?
    It doesn’t even allow me to pinch zoom.
    That is completely unacceptable.
    Much of the eBay app is unusable due to the small text.
    Other apps are the same.

    Never had this problem with my android phone.
    App screens almost always format correctly with android.

  16. Ned Martin

    Tried iPhone 11 after 12 years of android.
    So far not impressed.
    3rd party apps like eBay and Castbox have text that is extremely small.
    There seems to be no way to fix this issue.
    I contacted eBay and they said it was an Apple issue.
    So I contacted Apple and they said it was an eBay issue and I should just use Safari browser to access eBay.
    Lol sorry but that is not acceptable.

    Many other issues as well.
    Pretty much ready to give up and just go with pixel 4a.

  17. fieryfirestorm

    No one talks about the pain in the ass which is transferring Whatsapp from Android to iOS. Facebook should do something about that. I switched to iOS this year, but I regret. I can't comprehend why people call the iOS user friendly. It is totally not. Should have gone for a Note 20 Ultra.

  18. dutchman404

    Why is almost everyone switching to the iPhone 12? At least contemplate the iPhone 11 series since it got discounted now, gradually better camera, Dolby Vision and lidar are not something you actually need.

  19. nick amalfitano

    Watching this on my iPhone 12 mini, I can say that I will be continuing to stick with Apple as I have for the last 20 years or so. The 12 mini is truly spectacular, full featured and normally sized to fit in a normal hand

  20. blurred_clarity_

    This is a biased video no doubt. Leaning heavily towards apple. I am looking to maybe switch to apple but this video showed bias. Need to find a reviewer that hasn't got that tunnel vision.

  21. Robert Mills

    It blows my mind that folks are willing to use a phone that was designed close to ten years ago and be happy because it’s apple…I’m a iPhone user but folks reacting in such a positive way to the SE has made me really think about how locked into iOS I really am.

  22. Brandon Chaney

    So even though the iPhone se has a weak ass 3 gigs of ram and a barely decent panel compared to most galaxies old and new so there is really no comparison lol

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