Tech'ed out Hotel Room Tour ! | Filmed on iPhone Xs

►I filmed this whole video with my iPhone Xs Max (4k, then exported to 1080p) with this mini tripod:

I’ve nearly spent 2 weeks in a hotel, so I thought I would make it feel like home… with a ton of tech! Let me know what you think.

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► Main 4k Camera | Sony a7R III with 24-70 G Master :
► Vlogging Camera | Sony RX100 V :
► LED Lights :
► Light on Top of Camera:
► Microphone:
► Tripod :
► Video Head :
► Bag for Mavic Pro & DSLR:
► Only Drone I use | Mavic 2 Pro :
► Live Subscriber Counter:
► La-Z-Boy Desk Chair:


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26 Replies to “Tech'ed out Hotel Room Tour ! | Filmed on iPhone Xs”

  1. Steve Sheehan

    I get it, you are a tech channel. But it is SO unfortunate that people are unsubscribing because you are talking about your life, and giving updates.. Gay, straight, whatever.. we are all human, get over it people!

  2. Jim Gregus

    Things look up! I fully recovered from a stroke. Know one can tell at all. Therapy will be good, it worked for me. My brain loss was the size of a lemon. I think your outcome will be good. The brain will develop new pathways. God bless!

  3. Paul Barwick

    That's great news Jeremy! I am so glad that Don (did I get that right? I've only heard you use his name once) is on the road to recovery. Do keep us updated, please. Either by the way you did here, putting the update at the end of a "tech" report, or maybe even having a dedicated report with a "Non-Tech content" warning. It says here that you have 85K subscribers, so if you lost a hundred because they found your (our) sexual orientation to "icky", well, screw 'em, your are better off without them.

    BTW your Iphone shoots great video and there was nothing at all wrong with the sound. keep up the good work, I will check back often to see how you and the man you love, and who you are doing such a great job of taking care of, are doing. He is really lucky to have you in his life.

  4. David Stephens

    All of the tech crammed into the room with crappy internet don't you just love it. Glad things are improving for you and your loved ones hope your life gets back to normal soon

  5. B Olo

    Stay strong…I had Brain surgery 9 years ago and before they opperated they did a angiogram through my leg to my right front Temporal lobe to glue off several arteries. The next day the operated to remove the AVM…it was rough but 10 years later.. here I am healthy and successful…I share all that so you know recovery from these challenges is possible. While you're going through it…it's scary. My wife was my rock as you are to your Husband. Wishing you both peace, and a full recovery.

  6. Phil Buglass

    So glad you posted the update!   People have been concerned about you both…   It's good that they finally have a diagnosis, too.  It may not be great news, but it could be much worse, and in any case, it is much easier to deal with something when you know what it is!

  7. Midwest Guy

    Forget the haters I'm so glad that you did a video on your life and an update about your husband because you've been on my mind a lot lately and I'm glad things are improving for you and hopefully he'll be back to normal soon take care of yourself

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