Ten reasons I chose iPhone XR over XS/XS Max!

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I’m rolling in dough but still chose iPhone XR over the XS/XS Max. Why? I’ve got ten reasons. Actually, nine.

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45 Replies to “Ten reasons I chose iPhone XR over XS/XS Max!”

  1. GLC 250

    why would i buy the iPhone or is that it has a 6.1-inch display and it comes in different colour and the better life is better than Samsung

  2. Silv3r

    I love my Xr. It charges so quick and holds charge so easily and I like how it looks better than the other x’s. It looks a little more modern to me ?

  3. LA_Keith

    Great battery life unless you’re my wife & doesn’t comprehend you actually have to put it down to do other things in life. Lol. Im just jk.

  4. Răzvan Bobric

    Why would you buy a XR if you already had the X, only for the CPU… same RAM inferior camera and display, for money with which you can get a Note 9. Same product as the iPhone 5C.

  5. QueenB123

    iPhone XR is the most reasonable option for me tbh. I am getting it in 2 days, any color suggestions? i definitely dont want black or white but i just can't decide between the others

  6. lana lana

    Those ppl who were saying XR is trash are literally the ppl who doesnt own and never seen the XR and literally judged it by the specs that is written

  7. Andrewshadowy

    I don’t think many that need a new iPhone have much choice to get one because it’s cheaper than the XR. I wish it was smaller but what can you do because they make em bigger now.

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