Test game PUBG Mobile on Xiaomi Redmi 6

Test game PUBG Mobile on Xiaomi Redmi 6
— 5.45″, HD+, MediaTek MT6762, 3GB Ram, 32Gb Rom, 3000 mAh

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  1. Amrith Hardial

    My dude…no offence, but you played like ass. Why did you not leave the graphics on smooth? Why did you not loot the house you landed by in Gergopool? Why you play so slow? Have you never heard of sprinting? Jesus christ

  2. Malaysia Buddy

    heboh kata main game lag la..ape la…kalau x nak lag beli iphone la bingai…yg kau nak memekak nak cakap xiaomi ni itula inila buat ape? btw aku pakai samsung s10e…

  3. ILyes Nqairi

    Xiaomi redmi 6 pro is it that good to run the game without lag ?
    I dont care about graphics cause I used to play on low settings and in the same time high settings will destroy ur device if u are a regular player and u play alot u will buy another phone in the same year ..

  4. Samuel Patton

    Guys…i play on this same device.
    Redmi 6 (3 GB Variant)
    The game runs good in it…but you know well that it's just a budget phone so don't expect so much from it and dont compare redmi 6 performance with those 4/6 GB devices……but to be honest…this Redmi 6 is average and can handle well on low settings!!!! Worth giving a try!!

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