TEST: Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Huawei Watch GT

Samsung och Huawei – de två största aktörerna på Android-marknaden tampas nu även på arenan för smartklockor. I den här viden jämför vi de två senaste modellerna: Samsung Galaxy Wath vs. Huawei Watch GT. Vilken är bäst? Hur smarta är de?

– Samsung Galaxy Watch:
– Huawei Watch GT:
– Kolla in vårt utbud av wearables:

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36 Replies to “TEST: Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Huawei Watch GT”

  1. Arnas Sinha

    Would definitely not prefer huawei. Samsung makes quality products and the animation, ui interfaces are way better than that of huawei or any other similar watches.

  2. Kelala Music

    Great watches, but their health apps are horrible. I've used the Huawei Watch GT and GT2. Excellent, quality watches, but unfortunately their health app is terrible. Miles behind Fitbit. You, like countless others here focus only on the watch, and not a mention about the health app they are paired with. That is about as important as the watch itself. Take some time and include the app it pairs with.

  3. Rui Yao

    To be honest, I come from China, but I don't like Huawei as a whole company, and I don't like huawei's products! Let me be honest with you: when the Jiuzhaigou earthquake occurred in August 2017, Huawei did nothing to help the Chinese government and the Chinese people! However, As a foreign enterprise, Samsung donated nearly 10 million RMB to help the local government and the Chinese people to repair their homes! As a Chinese company, do you think it is good to do so? I think it is a shame for China that it is worse than a foreign country. It only wants to take the money of its own compatriots but never wants to help its own compatriots tide over difficulties! Huawei is behind a lot of big prices to steal and other companies' technology! Samsung had tier 5 technology in 2017, but Huawei developed 5G a year later than Samsung. However, dare to proudly say to the world that China is the first country with 5G technology!

  4. James009

    How u can compare a smartwatch with a fitness tracker??? Huawei its not even a smartwatch just a fitness tracker. Also Huawei should advertise like that.

  5. Marius Lapugean

    I prefer Huawei. I do not dispute that Samsung is good but the additional features it has and which I do not really need does not convince me to give enough extra money on it. Beyond that – important to me – Huawei is better at battery life. Not to mention that my phone is Huawei …

  6. Alex

    Problem is: the samsungs heart rate sensor is so completely useless….. false readings, then it turns off and doesn't work at all, sometimes it shows twice or half the actual heartrate ….. for sport, the huawei can only be better 😉

  7. roblaa

    Got the GT active free with my p30 Pro contract, and I love it.. don't need all the other stuff the galaxy watch has. The GT is perfect for me


    Very nice comparison, indeed.
    One more thing I could add, is that Galaxy watch has Samsung Pay built in, meaning that you'll never have a wallet when you have it on.
    But still has a down side as well,
    Galaxy watch cant' pair with mobile phones others than Samsung (for security reasons for sure, because of S Pay),
    For me, I've bought a new Huawei phone and kept the old Samsung one just for syncing health data our of Samsung watch,
    Of course I can't buy Huawei watch as I depend much on S Pay.

    That's my comment,
    I hope it will help someone,

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