Tested: Using the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case with iPhone X

Will the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case work on the iPhone X? We investigate including testing audio, camera, and charging abilities.
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43 Replies to “Tested: Using the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case with iPhone X”

  1. Homerz2k

    Please do not ever use this. My iPhone X suffered a swollen battery after 2 months of XS smart charger case usage and screen popped out of the phone by about 5mm. As the Xs charger was designed for optimal charging for the XS and not the X, expect battery issues. Once again, please do not use this. You have been warned!

  2. Nahid Islam

    I think they only call it the XS battery case because of the camera hump design but it costly to made the perfect X version because it can fit snugly

  3. Nathan Dominguez

    You might want to keep this comment at the top. I have been using the 10s smart case on my iPhone 10 for the past 5 months. This case fits perfectly fine and the holes and cutouts are good and not really any problem at all. The problem I have been having lately is the iPhone XS smart case has been acting really funny with the iPhone X. There are mornings when I wake up with my iPhone at 13% but my smart case is at 100% . It shows both battery symbols with a charge Icon but the phone battery is still dropping as if it isn’t charging at all. Their will also be times when I wake up and it’s the complete opposite. The phone will be fully charged and the smart case is at 5%. I have had this happen while charging wirelessly and with the wire. When this happens I normally take the case off and put it back on. It doesn’t happen again until a week later where one will be fully charged and the other one isn’t. It’s a nice case and I had it for my iPhone 6s and it worked perfect, but this case on the X is just more annoying then anything. When it does work though, it’s a good feeling. I would still by this case again but I would definitely start traveling with my charging chord for the mornings I wake up and one of them is dead.

  4. Gregg Terrence

    Thanks for this. Excellent work. Great production. Just wanted to mention that your microphone audio test created an audio echo below the speaker. You did not move the phone right out. So yes, the audio was a little lower when you put the case on, but a proper test would not have just moved the phone out slightly, creating that echo chamber. I know it's a small detail, but it may have accounted for the slight change you heard on the voice memo.

  5. Smart Potato

    I used the apple battery case on my iPhone 6s for about 2 years and I’m more than happy. I charged it full in morning and it ran the whole day. Recently got an iPhone X and I’m looking forward to get apple battery case. Thanks for your review now I’ll definitely get one!

  6. anoniem1725

    What about the buttons that's connected to the case? will it work normal or do you have to push harder? i've tried another xs case to my x.. and it did'nt clicked smooth at all

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