The ? Ecosystem: Explained!

Why we can’t stop using iPhones.

iPhone X Review:

Apple HomePod Review:

MKBHD Merch:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:

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29 Replies to “The ? Ecosystem: Explained!”

  1. Benjamin I Meszaros

    I really love LG. Fantastic products across the board usually. If they got a Pixel level camera on one of these bad boys, if be so down. But as it stands, just not enough reason to say yes.

  2. SUN JY

    Got iPad Pro, macbook, and Xiaomi mi mix. I do want to try apple ecosystem, but I really love my Xiaomi …….I don’t know what to do now….lol

  3. DJ Kavish

    I successfully switched to Windows after Apple started producing their slim looking MacBook Pro which has HUGE thermal issue, no universal connectivity, very less internal storage and very HIGH price.
    Also last year I switched to OnePlus 6T so finally I am out "The Ecosystem". Thank God.

  4. Jonathan

    Apple sucks straight up. The company sucks and so does the phone. If you are a real gadget tech person you would never use any product made by Apple. Cuz you're probably the same stupid people that think beats by Dre are good quality headphones…lol

  5. Yuu

    It's really hard to go out of this ecosystem as your said, but coming from someone who used to have an android and a mac and a fitbit where everything seems so disconnected, the more I delved into this ecosystem after switching, it had made some great difference most specially in convenience and comfort.

  6. KaiPlayz

    my whole family is in the apple eco system everyone got an iphone apple watch apple music and got 2 apple home pods in the kitchen alexa has more

    functions but apple is apple

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