The $300 Pocophone F1 Amazed Me.

For $300 the Pocophone F1 has the same specs as a $1000 smartphone. ?
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  1. oli

    I still use a Samsung Galaxy S5
    It Has 16gb Of Storage, It Has Android 6.0 And Can Run PUBG Mobile Pretty Easily. The Only Problems That I Have With This Phone Is That It Gets Too Hot When Using It, And Also, The Battery Doesn't Last For A Long Time.

  2. 〆 I̶t̶z̶A̶r̶v̶i̶n̶T̶o̶b̶i̶ 〆

    Nah ill Pass the Pocophone… Id rather buy its competitor Honor Play. In terms of Durability, Pocophone lose. With its weak lcd. My friend have the Pocophone And it shatters about 3-4 feet even with the tempered. The Tempered Glass and the glass itself shatted when it drop. I was so shocked because I was about to order it and i heard this….. I know theres a warranty but im a clumsy person and i need a durable phone. Mind as well go to Honor.. It has a strong lcd and metal body Also in terms of performance None of them is different. Kirin 970 is not bad its actually good. Is rather go for the Honor Play. Plus its cheaper. Durability is still no. 1 priority.

    Edit: I got this phone and like i said. In terms of performance none of them is different. Also camera is good. Perfect for Gaming especially Pubg, The unique GPU Turbo and 4d smart shock. It is worth 290$

  3. Alvin Paul

    Props to Xiaomi for making a cheap flagship and all that, but I would much rather buy an Honor Note 10 for around the same price and with much better specs.

  4. Patrick Mitra

    i dont know the point of you all, if youre really adamant to go for an iphone or stuff like that then go for it rather than hating on budget phones, sure it really got better screen, camera, materials etc. but are you really willing to pay 700$ more for stuff like that, i mean like if you post a picture on facebook with your iphone then me with my pocophone, people wont normally even notice that, oh wow this picture sure looks like it's shot from an iphone and this one with a really cheap smartphone, i mean come on, is 700$ more really that reasonable? im just talkin about practicality here

  5. harish2309

    Poco is for the Indian market. First worlders can get massively overpriced 1000$ phones and show off to their friends & family – I doubt that crowd is going to like this phone.
    So please leave this phone alone and do not buy or you'll drive the prices up for us.

    Poor Indians.

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