The Apple v. Samsung Lawsuit

Rettinger’s Rants: The Apple v. Samsung Lawsuit

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Jon R is back with an all new show where he rants and raves about the latest tech topics. On this week’s episode, Jon discusses the heated lawsuit between two giants in the tech industry – Apple vs. Samsung. These two companies will go head to head in the court room over patent infringements, allegations, and much more. In the end, what is there to be gained? What is there to be lost? Find out in this episode of Rettinger’s Rants.

21 Replies to “The Apple v. Samsung Lawsuit”

  1. Monsoon

    apple fucking think they invented and designed everything in this world. none of their products were the first. candybar style phones, ipad, ipod,..etc they all existed b4 apple. whoever invented the wheel should have patented it so no one can make them round.! apple always bitching about everything when they too steal ideas from others. bitch ass fuck u apple!

  2. sung yong lee

    Samsung and Apple's patent litigation among other things well without knowing the design Rounded shapes its model, the copy was not anything outrageous lunatic says Samsung only as htc Lg Motorola google blackberry Lenovo sony etc. All other company in the smart phone of the corner shape round like Apple then conceptualizes sharply Otherwise conceptualizes a triangle which ideas will Samsung beak to leave kicks accusations good even as a person who studies the motdoenda design a word anyone can think so and recognized in Europe, has designed a round that Samsung copied not not only is America the only crook stand anyone think you can just its design, the $ 300 million that do pay a lot more than money is not a fool who would the results referred to the right result. So another company in which google is a design almost identical to Apple Vegas is're cheats
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  3. Caleb M

    If people say either company copies each other you are stupid, take e the analogy when Henry Ford popularized the internal combustion engine it would be like him sueing Chevy for using and internal cumbustion engine, alot of apple products are original but if one company only made lcd tvs does that mean that if another company makes one they are coping, well yes but ideas like these are standard features and can be copied

  4. Sarena Zepeda

    Both companies are good but Apple will still keep rising every year specially ,Chinese people buying Apple iPhones like crazy cash and credit samsung is ok on dryers and washers. On tv LG is better and longer lasting..

  5. mbenzsl2000

    Both these companies are ridiculous, but Apple takes the cake (or pie).

    Apple is a  company of innovation that uses other tech companies to manufacture its components.

    Ha anyone forgot that the Iphone 6 plus, is a Note ripoff?

    We should thank Xerox for everything…

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